Friday, June 15, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday - The Renovation Is Absolutely Not A Sensation Edition

Seriously? Renovation? Bite me.

The bath stays. We're quite fond of it and too cheap to get it relined
a different colour.

This is masonite, scored to look like tiles and painted
an enchanting avocado green at one point.
  • Mr S and Mr S Snr have been working SO hard in the bathroom. They have pulled up the old floor, replaced the rotten floorboards, laid new concrete sheeting and siliconed the gaps. We are up to tiles and waterproofing. We got a quote from tilers today. Not only mind numbingly expensive (just their time, not including the tiles) but there's a 6 week wait. Yes, we probably should have thought about this sooner. Alas, we did not. FFS.
  • Mr S will do the tiling himself. Take THAT professional tilers, I know you're hurting right now. No no, I'm sure you're not. I'm sure you're taking your yacht for a sail right now. The weather is fine and you're rolling in cash. Perhaps literally. FFS. (Update: We are now looking for a tiler again. We have looked at the tiles we want, and the space to be tiled, and decided it's money well spent. Yes, Tilers, I will fund your next holiday. FFS.)
  • Flu ridden and tired, I threw an epic pregnant hormo renovation tantrum on Sunday. I'm not proud of myself. FFS.
  • My epic tantrums are not even proper tantrums. I go silent and glare lasers. This one was bad though, I said to Mr S 'I am really not impressed Mr S.' Yeah. I really went all out there. FFS.
  • We went to town on Monday (me dosed up on cough mixture and panadol and coughing the whole time) to find that it's a public holiday, and in Hobart, people don't want to part with their hard earned cash on pretty much anything. Except us. We had a wallet full of cash to spend on tiles and vanities, and no where to spend it. FFS.
  • Take that tiling shops. We bought a washing machine instead. And not from you Harvey Norman. We took your catalogue to the Good Guys and got it even cheaper. ANFFS.*
  • I do not know how to use the new washing machine. It's so hi tech it's scary. But man, does it wash my clothes well. I am clearly now an old lady. I'm excited by my new washing machine. Send help and fabric softener. FFS.
  • It's only Tuesday and I'm almost at the end of my FFS text limit. Oh dear. What does the rest of this week hold? FFS.
  • Friday additions: We have finally purchased a new toilet for the bathroom, and after we purchased it, brought it home, unpacked it to check the fitting pipe blah blah blah (clearly by we did, I mean Mr S did), we get a bathroom catalog in the paper this morning... with the same toilet $50 cheaper. FFS.
  • BNHQ have bought a new CD - I believe it might even be a rare CD Single. We heard Foster the People's 'Pumped Up Kicks' on repeat from 5pm-10pm on Monday night. Again, we don't believe they have a stereo in their house, just in one of their six cars. FFS.
  • Again, back to six cars?! It's a 1.5 bedroom house. FFS.
  • And, their dog crossed the highway and came up our path to say hi to Lucy, who was having a brief moment outside. Seriously, FFS. 
  • I rang the Doctor's surgery on Tuesday after 4 nights of virtually no sleep from coughing. The receptionist listened to me saying 'My daughter had croup, now I'm coughing and wheezing after having the same cold symptoms as her, I'm pregnant and I can't sleep.' She takes my number and calls me back later in the afternoon saying 'Now, I've just spoken to the Dr and she can't get you in today, but as you're pregnant there's a high risk of a pulmonary embolism and if you're having trouble breathing our official advice is that you go straight to the emergency department.' Which is 50 minutes away from home, where I would spend 7 hours sitting in the waiting room for someone to tell me I do not have a pulmonary embolism, it's just bronchitis. No thanks. I get into the Doctor the next day who promptly diagnoses me with Asthma (which I have not suffered with since I was a kid), prescribes me an inhaler, and tells me to keep an eye on the wheezing. After much huffing (literally) about how I couldn't be asthmatic, the inhaler works and I do not cough as much and feel generally much better. Oh, FFS.
I found a packet of fancy Robert Gordon muffin liners in the cupboard.
I told myself 'There's no point in keeping the good china in the cupboard' and
used them. I now remember why I shoved them in the back of the cupboard.
They do not hold their shape or peel off easily. Give me Home Brand muffin papers anyday.
*ANFFS = Absolutely Not FFS.

Shiny Things Friday

We were caked bombed by Skye last Friday. This is a chocolate cherry syrup cake.
It came with a bottle of syrup to warm and drizzle over the cake.
We saturated it. DELICIOUS.

Mrs S Snr and I took Millie to Cambridge this week after the
hormo preggo reno tanty... to get out of the house whilst there was much noise.
I bought a lamington to share with my tiny beloved.

I did not see much of it.

I bought a new book by a fantastic lady and some nail polish to cheer myself up this week.
This book is fantastic. I will be writing a post about this.

A girl and her Daddy playing peekyboo.

The result of my nail polish book expedition.

Last night I changed M's nappy before dinner.
I knew she was tired when she didn't move after we'd finished...

The 'Sarah Got Me Addicted When I Was Meant To Be Working' Shiny Things

Sarah started tagging me with her Cat Effects app pics yesterday. I couldn't help myself.
If you like it then you shoulda put a cat on it...

Preggo pimple? Not here. No siree bob.

The ducks thought there was something odd when they were crossing the road...

Go and say to Sarah, who said she was pissed that I made her cry twice in one week... but has clearly gotten over the emotional upheaval.
Dear Baby G


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