Friday, June 22, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

The Preggo Whinge

  • This week has been the week of me suddenly looking and feeling very very pregnant. Despite only being halfway through... FFS.
  • I find myself lying on the floor playing with Millie, and she runs off looking over her shoulder so I'll chase her. And I just don't have the oomph to move quickly. Move aside people, slow moving hippo coming through. FFS.
  • That's not actually true. I weighed myself fully clothed with boots on at the midwife today. In stark contrast to my first Lilypad pregnancy, I have only gained between 6-8kg at this point in time. I say stark contrast, because I think I'd gained about 16 by this point with M. However, my M&M craving will take care of that if I don't keep to strict rations. I have not been keeping to strict rations. M&M's get me through the day. FFS.
  • Preggo Asthma appears to be highly annoying. I walked 20 minutes to work the other day and spent the next four hours wheezing. FFS.
  • None of my winter clothes fit. I have two maternity shirts in high rotation, coupled with trackpants and a striped thermal short for home wear. Mr S dared to wash his only winter zip up jumper that fit me. FFS.
  • Where does one buy winter maternity clothes that do not cost the earth? Please share your secrets. FFS.

The 'R' Word

  • You will notice I've not mentioned the 'R' word. That's right, renovation. It's still not a sensation, although Mr S and I have begun Operation Vanity Unit. In our (Mr S') quest (stubborn mission) for a timber vanity unit we found three, all made by the same company.Cheap - looked ok, pine with mahogany veneer.Less Cheap - looked cheaper than Cheap, some sort of better wood with a better veneer.Frighteningly Expensive - solid blackwood. Beautiful. Worth as much as a second hand car. Not the vanity to put in your Not Quite Forever house.And I need to add the following table for scale of price:Cheap - Costs 6x Bunnings white vanities.Less Cheap - Costs 8x Bunnings white vanities.Frighteningly Expensive - Costs 11x Bunnings white vanities.
  • So we Mr S went on a different mission. He eventually found the Antique Mecca of Hobart, tucked up a side street with West Hobart. We have found and purchased something suitable for less than the price of Cheap. More to come and that progresses.
  • We were going to replace the walls of our shower with Laminex, thinking it would be miles cheaper. It costs the same as buying the tiles and hiring a tiler. FFS.
  • We have found a tiler, who Mr S assures me is a lovely chap. Hallelujah! We will be not only funding his holiday, but hopefully his driving sense, and maybe his motivation to quit smoking. He turned around in our wintery muddy yard and got his van bogged. My lawn now has holes and skid marks in it. FFS.
  • Two weeks ago I went to park in the Early Bird Parking ($10! All day parking!) but the 'Full' sign was up. So I didn't park there. However, because I parked before 9am I got slugged with a $2 fee on top of my parking fee. When I mentioned this, the gentleman explained that they put the sign up before it's full, so if you just drive up to the roof there'll be someone there to give you a redemption ticket. 
  • The next week I did just this. Except there was no man there. I got slugged again. I mentioned again. To the person who this time said 'Oh yeah love, it's always full by that time. You're best to park in the garage a few blocks up, that never fills up. That'll be $14 thanks.' For 4 hours parking. FFS.
  • We lost Manuel the Blue Ram fish on Wednesday night. He got stuck behind the filter. We thought his mate Consuela would be said, but she looks surprisingly perky... Now she can really say in her spanish accent 'Meester Manwell, no, no, he no home.' FFS.
  • M woke up at 4.45am this morning. Mr S kindly brought her in to our bed. Where none of us went back to sleep, except Mr S when he mumbled to me at 5.45am 'Can you hold her for 15 minutes please?' I am surprisingly perky for only having had 5 hours sleep thank you pregnancy insomnia, leg cramps and the cat that won't leave me alone, but I expect that as I cannot keep imbibing cups of tea all day I will crash and burn shortly. FFS.
  • M has sneezed and coughed her way through the morning until now, as have I. I hope we are not getting sick again. FFS.
  • I am sadly addicted to Project Runway. Oh Tim Gunn, I can't get enough of your comments! 'Designers! You have thirty minutes to sketch. I KNOW!' 'Thank you Mood!' FFS.

Shiny Things Friday

I have not grown weary of CatEffects.
Here is my cat, docked for the evening for recharge.

I have worked out why my bump is so huge at 20w.

Millie was given some trackies by her Nanny. They kept riding up at
the ankles, so I de-elasticised them. It took a Very Long Time.
(who overlocks elastic to a band, THEN hems it?)

Finished a dolly quiltlet with pillow for our niece.

Made M a new handbag, with a zip. (she loves it!)

Mr S and I had a post-dinner conversation about something mundane,
when he realised that M had handed him every stuffed toy she owns.
Naturally, I took a photo, added Cat Effects and put it on the innernet.
Last night I went to take a pic of him and he ran away, saying

I re-did my nails. Then added cats. Too much?

Beautiful wintery sunrise here this week.

Sunrise to the south.

I haven't had time to fix M's other pair of NannyTracks, so she rocked
a suitably 80's look for daycare yesterday. (OH! What a feeling!)

M feeling suitably weary after her 4.45am wakeup call. It's also freezing
so she's very fashion forward with her slippers and jumper.
Note to self: make her a dressing gown.

What were you doing at 6.55am? We'd finished breakfast,
I'd had a shower and M was watching ABC whilst tooting
her train's horn. I know.

Finally, new fabric! Washed! Ready to use! I'm in love with the first three,
and had no idea what to do with them. I just had to own them.

Go and say hello to Sarah, who keeps making yummy things in her thermomix and making me want one. Mr S says that when I have six kids like Sarah and HB we can have one too. Um...

Dear Baby G


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