Friday, June 29, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

I suppose it's not a bad week if after I got over my pregnant self and started being nice to Mr S again (sorry Mr S) the thing that peeved me the most was the drive home from work yesterday?

  • I drove on to the Southern Outlet to get on the highway to Huonville and inevitably as the speed changes I get stuck behind a slow car. There's also a slow car in the right hand lane determined to get past the slow car in the left lane. FFS.
  • Then when I finally get my glory moment in the right hand lane I put pedal to the automatic Handsome James metal and he speedily clunks through the gear changes and we're on our way. Then I notice the lime green Nissan Micra on my tail. As in, really on my tail. FFS.
  • HJ and I get past the car and merge back in the left hand line (AS PER THE LAW) when Nissan Micra zips around me and does not merge back. Eventually they do and we all mosey along the Southern Outlet. When it comes to changing lanes to get on the Huon Highway the Lime Green Nissan Micra (LGNM) zips around me in to the right hand lane (incidentally, the road to the Channel, not an overtaking lane) and merges back misses me narrowly without an indicator in front of me. LGNM then turns right at the roundabout with an indicator and sits on the tail of the car in front. As in, less than three seconds. As in, tap your brakes and I'll hit you. FFS.
  • Eventually we hit another overtaking lane and victory is mine. LGNM, it is no secret that your ilk have no engine grunt to speak of, and I do. I know it's petty, but I really enjoyed overtaking you. That's when I noticed you are a hire car, and some would say be forgiven for your driving sins. I say read the freaking road rules of the state/country you are visiting. FFS.
  • This week I found out that tickets to Wayne Brady in Hobart are $89 each. Chuck in dinner and petrol and it's an evening we'll be staying at home. I need to find a cheaper Last Pregnant Hurruh. FFS.

The Unspoken Chocolate Wars

aka Mr S doesn't know how much this annoyed me. I should probably tell him.

  • My M&M addiction continues. After I hid my jar of M&Ms on my desk a week or so ago, I caught Mr S sauntering over after dinner and helping himself. I would not mind this at all apart from the mini Boost Bars and Mars Bars in the cupboards that he will not let me eat. FFS.
  • I figured he had his chocolate under control, so I didn't buy him any when I did the shopping this week. He was unimpressed about this, and was mildly cheered up when I told him to take my entire packet of Chocolate Monty biscuits to work instead. I have no chocolate biscuits. FFS.

The Only Thing I'll Say About The Mummy-Blogger Haters

Why do you care? No one forces you to read. And I'm not entirely sure what the uproar about sponsored content is. Hasn't anyone read the paper where there's big ads that say 'ADVERTORIAL' on them? Or watched the TV? Or driven past a billboard?  Seen a gig poster that says 'Sponsored by'? FFS.

Shiny Things Friday

I started making bibs. I can't stop now.

Kitty was helping.

When ironing for sewing, I like to keep my iron set to Grey Cat.
Lion Cub is surprisingly ineffective.

An unpressed bib next to a pressed bib. See the difference?

Something got in the way when I was trying to take the above photo.

I went to get my hair cut. I had company. She sat on my
lap and ate a vegemite sandwich. Bless.

Millie can't get enough of the front camera on my phone.

I made a Chicken Pumpkin pasta bake. Millie approved.

It was -4 here yesterday morning. Yup. This was at 8am, when my
outside thermometer said 0.2oC.

Mike Meyer the lemon was feeling the cold too.

Singlet, long sleeved shirt, jumper, vest and coat.
Scarf, gloves and ugboots. Off to daycare.

Project Runway and nail polish.
I had to call it quits after 2 coats, I was falling asleep sitting up. You'll note
that my clock says it's only 9pmish.

Go and say hi hi to Sarah over here. Compliment her on her blog's boob job. It's oh so perky-riffic.

Dear Baby G


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