Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mrs Smyth Creates... #3

Oh god. Imagine I WAS growing Smyth #3. Imagine if this one was TWINS. There's only one, we've checked. Although my bump size might say otherwise... but no. Only one.
It's time for another crafty check in here! It's been a bit quiet of late, with my needing to wrangle Millie more than usual as Mr S does Manly Renovation Things with the bathroom, so without further ado!
This fortnight I've..
Sent Miss Maggie G's birthday present, she received and
sent me photos of her wearing it, and wearing the ribbon
that it came wrapped in, as a headband, Rambo-style.

Turned two $5 K-Mart T-shirts into one maternity shirt.

It's not quite finished yet. I lost the mojo for it... soon it will return.

Gone all Nana on my dressing table. Still loving it. Read about it here.

Made a gorgeous light shade for M's room. Read about it here.

Finished a custom iPad case for a customer in Canada...
Spidey just wants to be free!

Inside of iPad case. Pink iPad does not belong to my 30-something
year old male customer.
I've got a mending pile threatening to take over a chair and several projects in the works.
  • European cushion covers for Millie's room, made from her curtain fabric, and I'll source some lime green broadcloth for other cushions too I think.
  • Curtain tie-backs for Millie's curtains, made out of some raspberry corduroy I've got already.
  • A wallet for the same iPad customer.
  • I want a new handbag.
  • I really should finish that kid's apron.
  • Some A4 envelopes to finally complete my sweet-as pattern storage system. There's a post to come about that. I love some good organisation these days. Who am I?
Projects that I can't start because I have no idea how:
  • A case for my Instax camera - I need to get some confidence and draft a pattern for it.
  • A fleecy underskirt for a maxi-skirt I'm dying to wear whilst pregnant this winter.
Projects that went horribly wrong and have been relegated to scrap material:
  • the cardigan I drafted a pattern for. The pattern is sound, the fabric was not. I swore it was 4 way stretch and snipped away merrily. It is 2 way stretch. So I made a maternity shirt instead, somewhere along the way forgetting this stretch issue again. Made the entire shirt, and it did not stretch horizontally... you know, where you NEED it to stretch. I swore a lot and put it away, never to be seen again. You live and learn, but what do you mean it wasn't perfect first time?!
Link up your crafty posts from the last fortnight or so! I'd love to know what you've been making!


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