Thursday, June 14, 2012

When a Preggo wants beer...

I realised that since early 2010 I've either been trying for a baby, been pregnant with a baby, breastfeeding or pregnant again. There was a glorious two months at the beginning of the year when Millie wasn't feeding as much, and not at all overnight, so I began to slowly drink a glass of wine with dinner again.

Then I fell pregnant again. Are the two connected? I will never tell.

In my pregnancy with Millie I craved beer. I would (and still do) swipe sips of Mr S' beer but it was truly not the same. Let us not forget that even when I could drink beer, I wasn't really overly fond of the taste unless I'd just completed an epic hike and had a steak as well.

So, pregnancy beer craving it was, and is.

I mentioned this to Mr S Snr as we chopped vegetables for dinner one night this week, and the next day when Mr and Mrs S Snr went to the supermarket I asked them to pick up a can of Coopers non-alcoholic. Just to see what it tasted like. I'd never bothered previously... but I had the craving.
Bless Mr S Snr, he is a Very Good Man. (Clearly it runs in the family.)

The IGA did not have any non-alcoholic beer so he also went to Woolworths, but discovered that the Coopers had a low alcohol content. I would not have minded. He searched the shelves high and low, and brought home a six pack of Holsten Non-Alcoholic Malt Drink. Aka Preggo Beer.

Curious, I put one in the freezer to chill quickly and 45 minutes later popped the lid off. Non-alcoholic, saintly angels fully covered from neck to knee sang. Ice cold, this was comparable to a premium light beer. Or was it my lack of recent alcohol imbibing experience talking? Whatever.
I am Very Impressed and have enjoyed an ice cold malted beverage of an evening every night since. I proudly swig my FauxBeer and stir dinner, pretending that it's still summer and I'm drinking a Boags premium. Or a Cascade First Harvest 2005. Or a James Squire Golden Ale.

Well played, Mr S Snr. Well played.

Do you have a favourite non-alcoholic wannabe boozy beverage? Please share. There's only so much lemonade one can drink.


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