Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dear Dad

Has it really been five years? I know that Mr S and I have certainly done a lot in five years, but still, five years sounds like a lot.
There are no words to explain what it's like without you. Aside from quiet. (ha ha!) It's still incredibly crap without you around, and I suppose it probably will be for a long time to come.
I wish you knew Millie, and had met Rob and told Sally how great he was, and held Sam, met Stacey and told Ben how amazingly wonderful she is.
I think my biggest observation of the time since you've been gone is how much other people's lives go on. I wrote an entire album about this, and especially the song 'Turning'.


I’ve been building blocks
and I wondered why they fall - it makes no sense at all
then it was time I blinked and shadows changed, and a swift breeze took you away
I am counting cards, trying to find a hand that fits
I know it’s real, my world stops and yours will keep on turning
and so it seems I am a changed woman now
 - I’ve split apart at the seams
I now know all I am made of is tears
and there’s a grey spot in here
I am counting cards, trying to find a hand that fits
I know it’s real, my world stops and yours will keep on turning
the sun shines now I thought it’d be a little less,
but there’s a warm breeze instead
I’m taking stock of all that’s good in me
from me to you, you to me (me to you, you to me)
and I counted cards, I’ve never found a hand that fits
I know it’s still real my world stopped and yours will keep on turning

I found some pictures I'd like to show you...

Dad with me, circa 1983.

Boxing Day 2005. We are all exceptionally hungover after
having been drunk since 8am Christmas Morning.

Sally and I can touch our toes. Dad wonders why we would want to do that.

Come on Dad - give it a try!


Sally has a mid-photo nap. Dad finds some perk.

Blue steel... sort of...

Dad with his medal presentation at his retirement, 2007.

Dad (stylin' red head with beard!) with my brother Ben in 1979.

Dad with requisite wide-neck tie and Mum in jumper dress...
I'm going to guess in the 1980's?

Dad with his grandmother, Mildred Alice Blanchard.
(Millie's namesake!)

Dad with Sally and Ben at the Eurobodalla cheese factory, 1990ish?

Mum and Dad on their wedding day, 1974.

Dad and I in Melbourne, 2005.

Dad and I outside Port Arthur, TAS 2005.

My favourite photo of all, Dad giving me a horsie ride - 1985?

You were not a serious man, so this is the photo we put
on the front of your Order of Service at your funeral.
Missing you as always, Dad. Hope the jam doughnuts are fresh, the tea has milk, there's a meat pie close by and endless footy.


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