Friday, July 6, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

Welcome to FFS Friday. Is clarification necessary of precisely what my FFS Friday is?
FFS Friday: n The collection of stories from one's week where one catches oneself being unnecessarily grumpy/shouty/eyeroll-ey and realises just how hilarious it is that one lives in a world where such things are possible to be grumpy/shouty/eyeroll-ey about. 
FFS Friday: n A tongue-in-cheek recap of one's week.

I just realised this wasn't necessary. FFS.

  • I almost didn't write this post because I wanted to clean my house. You read that right. I. Wanted. To. Clean. My. House. So I did, at the speed of baby-is-sleeping light. Floors mopped, dishes done, washing on, outside shower and loo cleaned. I blame you, Shannon Lush. I read Speed Cleaning and she showed me it was easy to clean my house in 15 minutes a day, using only bi-carb soda and vinegar. And metho. But sorry, Shannon, the shower wasn't coming clean easily so I busted out the Ajax cream cleanser. FFS.
  • Our innernets have been crap since we switched to BigPond internet. Way back in October 2010. I am thankful that our contract is up in October. I have spent a ridiculous amount of time this week switching modems, being on hold to BigPond technical support to have them 'transfer me to another consultant'... which appeared to be BigPond speak for 'bounce me back to the main menu'. I went back to our 5 year old iinet modem and everything seems to be working fine now. Telstra, you can own me for mobile phones, but I will never ever recommend or use BigPond internet ever again. FFS.
  • I had a giggle when I was called and asked to complete a phone survey about our telecommunications products. 'Sure!' I said, and proceeded to detail every problem we've had with Telstra and Bigpond. I also rated '0' on a scale of 1-5 of would I recommend BigPond internet to anyone. They then told me that the survey was sponsored by Telstra and asked if I'd like someone to contact me to resolve our technical issues. 'Sure!' I said. Do you think I've heard from Telstra in regards to this? No. FFS.
  • Millie is bloody awesome. Nothing to complain about here. (FFS.)
  • It's been a week of crappy news from friends and family. FFS.
  • My ligaments and pelvis are trying to give up the ghost. 17 weeks to go, body, just hang in there for 17 weeks. FFS.
  • Preggy insomnia appears to be kicking in. I drag my feet around the house falling asleep from 4pm, but by the time Millie's in bed I'm wide awake again. Bed by 10 or 11 and up at 6. Zzzzzzz. FFS.
  • And before any of you say it, I know. That's a lot more interrupted sleep than we were getting for a very long time. I wish it were bankable. FFS.
  • You know you live in the country when you lie in bed wishing that the cows across the road would STFU and GTFTS. Yes, I know that you're over there to make dishonest women of the lady cows. But it's clearly not happening tonight, bro.  FFS.

Shiny Things Friday

Oh crap. I think she's going to want the Swimming Pool next year.

Me: taking a 22 week bump pic. M: dressing up photobombing.

She got a balloon from the Pixie Photo ladies outside Big W.  HAPPY GIRL.
I hope it was worth it Millie, Pixie Photo won't bloody leave Mummy alone now.

'Mummy! That Kitchenaid is making noise!'

Everyone was asleep. I sat down on the couch to have five minutes
solitude by myself. Then... Lucy appeared.

I felt like fecking Play School. I covered a nappy box in brown paper
and Family Smyth sat down with crayons and turned it into a car.
Take that, Justine and your tiny waistline.

Or, fecking ballpoint pen on our cream dining chairs...

Porridge is king in our place.
Note the towel across M's legs... Mummy doesn't enjoy changing
clothes after every meal.

I'm unsure who is enjoying the new Plego more... Mr S or Millie.
(Plego: cheap faux Lego.)

I subscribed to Bellabox. Note the tiny hand...

Bellabox for me Mummy? Ooooh. But I don't want to put down my three
biscuits. You can have it, I suppose.

Reading the paper after breakfast this morning.

After yesterday I found this mug again, and it made me feel better.

Once Ducky has made my cup of tea she goes back in to her pond!
Go and say hi to Sarah, who has helped me out no end with plenty of advice and just being there for chats this week. She has no idea how freaking awesome she is to me.

Dear Baby G


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