Friday, July 13, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

Oh man. This week has kicked my big fat flat preggo butt. I'm elated today, mainly because it's Thursday (as I'm typing this) which means it's actually MY Friday, which means I don't have to worry about Day Care and a day's worth of food in advance for M and I don't go to work. Hurruh!

  • I sprained my bump on Saturday. I know. How? Turns out that all at once, all of my ligaments went bendy. When I wasn't worried that something was seriously wrong Thank You Dr Google what do you mean placental abruption? I was moaning in pain, without actually telling anyone I was in pain. I just gritted my teeth, took more paracetemol and my mood steadily declined. If you talked to me from Sunday- Tuesday, I apologise. In desperation I googled 'round ligament pain pregnancy' and found some exercises, which gave me instant relief. I actually slept that night. The next morning epic heartburn and morning sickness turned up again. Seriously? FFS.
  • I went to see a physio today as referred to by my midwife. Going through the public system is 80% awesome. Included in this 80% is the fact that all your treatment is free. The 20% comprises of ridiculous wait times for appointments and a physiotherapist that kept recommending exercises comprised of lying on my back for long periods of time and my declining to try them after the first one left me giddy for a good 30 seconds. Not to mention it's physically impossible for me to raise my knees to my chest. She wound up recommending me to do the exercises I found on Google. I'm really glad I didn't pay for the privilege. If this was a surprise visit I could understand her lack of knowledge of the pregnant body, but she'd had my referral and case notes for 8 weeks. FFS.
  • My negative commenter of last week is from Hobart. Hobart is a minutely small place and I can't help but wonder if I've ever laid eyes on her in the course of my work or play. It's entirely possible and I'm entirely curious now. Why do I care? Well, I know why I care. I think I'd like to know if such commenters would actually say these things out loud. I doubt it. FFS.
  • I appear to be incapable of keeping our wood fire going. I swear, Mr S leaves the room and it laughs at me, and goes out. HELLO FIRELIGHTERS. FFS.
  • Lucy is waking me at night like this...
    'Chrrrrp?' Hello?
    'Chrrrrrrrrrrp?' Ahem. Hello?
    'CHHrrrrrpppppppp?' I said, Hello?
    Scratch, scratch, scratch. 'Chrrrp?' Hello? If I flip this book up and down will you talk to me? Pleeease?
    'CHRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP?!!!?!' For the love of god, I'm lonely. Please walk me to the kitchen.
    Oh, FFS.
  • The remote control for our media box (i.e. Where Mama Watches Her Stories From) has gone missing. I recall seeing it somewhere. It's been missing for four days. Sitting with M whilst she eats her dinner has lost some of it's glow since I have to watch Peppa Pig, Olivia or Timmy Time (actually, I quite like Timmy Time!) instead of Mama's Stories. FFS.

  • Remote. FFS.
  • Literally, as I just typed that I found the remote. Sitting in front of my fecking keyboard. Oh, FFS.
Shiny Things Friday

My sister has been emailing me comedy gems like this all week.
Love love love them, and her.

M can now sit on a dining chair unassisted. She now wants to sit on
any chair at any time.

Out to breakfast on Saturday. Once sitting in the
highchair got boring, she played with Mr S' watch. Beep! Beep!

Snuggles with her surrogate uncle Daniel, my brother's
best friend. Millie and Daniel had a fine love affair going.
Daniel's girlfriend thankfully didn't mind.

Mr S bought Millie her own table and chairs on the weekend.
She is in love with them and insists on afternoon tea at her table every day.

When my bump gave out this week I blew up my fitball again.
I had help.

I wondered if I would be slugged the $2 surcharge fee. I was not.

I brush my own hair, Mummy!

I sit on a chair, and read my own book Mummy!
(anyone sensing a theme here?)

My two new pens this week. When things are sad, I buy stationery.
Left is a new Parker Pen (Saturday shopping with a sad baby) and right is
a J. Herbin ink pen with Cassis ink, from Fullers Bookshop
(negative blog comments.)

Lucy sensed I was about to sit down and write a blog post this morning.

My lovely organised fabric shelves. I still love looking at them.

Linking up with Sarah as per usual. Go and tell her that it's okay, school holidays don't last forever.

Dear Baby G


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