Friday, July 27, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

  • I'm pretty sure I had a list of things to FFS about this week. Pregnancy with Millie stole my brain and what little memory recall I had... it came back briefly, but now it's completely gone again. So, FFS.
  • Traffic. Dear Tasmania, when I'm doing 80 in the 80 zone with doubles lines and my indicator on because it's night time and I'm going to pull in to my driveway on a highway, it's not smart to overtake me around a corner. I know you needed to get to your home in your dirty great ute approximately 10 seconds earlier than you would have, but seriously? FFS.
  • Also, on the main highway to Hobart, the right hand lane is for overtaking. Not moseying. Or squaredancing. FFS.
  • I wonder what the road rules say if I refuse to let you merge in front of me when I'm maintaining the recommended 3 second distance from the car in front of me? I'm not game to try this. FFS.
  • BN Update: they have been quiet of late. Aside from watching them stack their wood pile one piece at a time without a wheelbarrow, I think they're hibernating for winter. I don't blame them. 
  • Millie has learned to shake her head for 'No' now. She knows what it means... Now, offering food is blessed with a 'No' headshake, but placing a plate in front of her and leaving her to it means she'll eat. Ok. FFS.
  • Toni (Braxton) and David (Hicks) are in full force this week. Oh my god. Toni sings her greatest hits all day, and David lectures about human rights. SQUEEZE. FFS.
  • Millie got sick again this week. I point all my fingers at daycare, even more so after I was part of the following conversation:
Daycarer: 'Just to let you all know while you're here, head office have notified me that Whooping Cough is having another pandemic in Southern Tasmania. I ask you to be aware of the symptoms and keep your kids away.'
Me: 'Did you wind up getting your booster shot yet, Daycarer?'
Daycarer: 'On my list! Never fear!'
Parent #1: 'My kids aren't immunised for anything.'
Parent #2: 'Us either.'
Parent #1: 'I don't reckon them immunisations do nothin' anyway. Kids still get whooping cough. Besides, it's not dangerous if they're Kid A & B's age. It's only if they're Millie's age, or you know, like the bub in your belly Amy. Besides Daycarer, we don't socialise with anyone apart from youse here.'
Me: slackjawed.
Daycarer: Watching my face.
Daycarer: 'You know that you can get it from people coughing in public, right?'
Me: 'And, um, you can carry it? And even if kids get it whilst immunised it's not as severe or necessarily life threatening.'
Parents #1 & #2: 'Oh wow. Really?'
Me: Slackjawed.
Daycarer: 'Oh Parent #1, Kid A is complaining of a sore throat and she's been really unwell today.'
Parent #1: 'Oh it's nuthin. Just a harmless cold. I'm really depending on you this week Daycarer, it's my last week of study.'
Me: Slackjawed and attempting to maintain calm.
I recognise that we live in awesome country where we have the option of choice as to how we raise our children. Unimmunised, whatever. I don't agree with it, but that's your choice. Sending your sick kids to daycare and being uninformed about the risks of your unimmunised kids gets me on a high horse.
That afternoon Millie ran a 38oC temperate, woke every two hours overnight but seemed better by morning. I took her the daycare with the instruction to call me if she got any worse. She slept for five hours, but that afternoon came up suddenly with spots all over her face. We wound up at the Dr an hour later, with the diagnosis of a virus, a viral rash and instructions to stay home. So we did. She didn't go to daycare the next day. I kept my sick child away from all the other children.

And it got me to thinking - what happens after #2 is born? Do I need to keep Millie away from daycare until #2 is 6weeks and able to be immunised against Whooping Cough? Oh bloody hell. I don't know.

So really, FFS.

  • I also made mention to Daycarer that if the other kids are sick and the parents won't keep them away I don't want to take Millie there to get sicker, and I sure as hell don't want to pay for it either. FFS.
  • Then there's the Septic Tank Cowboy. But that's a whole other post. No really.

Shiny Things Friday

I made my own bias tape this week. After two failed attempts this year, colour me proud.

As I was making said bias tape I looked out the window. Neither of these two
are Lucy.

I made my own fabric labels. COLOUR ME EXCITED!

Okay, so I made the labels to cover up a Bias Binding Boo Boo.
But it looks ace.

I bought some fabric from Ros' Etsy shop. She is an enabler.
She is also an absolute sweetheart and I want to make her cups of tea.

Sick baby before we went to the Dr. It's in Shiny Things because
I rarely get epic snuggles like this. But look how sad she is. :(

After M was at the Dr and we got her to bed, Brinner was totally called for.
Free range eggies, free range bacon, good spinach, great mushrooms,
turkish bread. Yum!

Front page of Tasmanian Farmer. Good job, guys!

May the stripey bumpy force be with you.

When we had a Sick Day yesterday M was mildly cheered by dressing up
and drinking from her new sippy cup.

M's Plego is from the cheap shop, and you'd never know... besides this.

26 Weeks. The Bump is the only perky part of my body anymore.

It's Lifeline's Stress Down Day today. We are trying!

After a Preg-Reno tanty last Sunday when Mr S went to help a friend
move some of his belongings on his only day off, because he's a lovely kind generous
man, he came home with these for me. The fabric is a giant vintage tablecloth
I've had my eye on for weeks. I love him.

Linking up with Sarah for FFS Friday again. Loving her, as always.

Dear Baby G


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