Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mrs Smyth Creates. #5... A bib for Millie... (tutorial)

The time had come. Millie will only eat breakfast if she feeds herself, so with Weetbix the consistency of Clag glue, she feeds herself merrily. Suddenly breakfast got much easier for us.
But then I started having to wipe Weetbix off her legs every morning, despite sitting in the high chair with a bib on and the tray covering her legs. It was New Bib Time.

I couldn't fathom paying $10 for two cheap bibs that would stain and have velcro on the straps (that Millie just rips off when she's sick of eating whatever is in front of her), so I decided to make my own.
I grabbed one of our bibs I did like, made some changes and made a pattern.

Then I couldn't stop. It's a bit addictive, you see?

Many bibs. Much fun. A view of M's toys too. Lucky you.
These are not your ordinary bib. In fact, on a bub smaller than Millie, it could well be a dress. When Millie is standing, these drops to below her waist, and has full shoulder pad coverage, should one's outfit be stylin' enough to rock some shoulderpads circa 1985.

So here's what I did.

Download the pattern here.

1x 50cm x 35cm fabric for the front of the bib. (A fat quarter is ace)
1x 50cm x 35cm towelling /flannel for the reverse of the bib.
Any trims you'd like to add.
One or more snap fastener sets, or velcro if you like.
Scissors and sticky tape to put the pattern together.

  1. Print out both pages of the pattern and cut page two on the dotted line. Secure this to page 1 on the dotted line with your sticky tape. Cut the pattern out and congratulate yourself on a job well done. Perhaps have a biscuit at the same time.
  2. Fold your front bib fabric in half and pin the pattern, with the piece marked 'Fold', hard against the fold of your fabric. Cut.
  3. Do the same for your towelling fabric. You could have another biscuit here, but I'd recommend waiting until you've pinned everything together.
  4. Iron your front fabric. Using a ballpoint pen, chalk or dressmaker's marker, transfer where the snaps will go corresponding with the pattern piece. Alternatively (i.e what I do) grab your toddler and measure with your fabric piece around their neck.
  5. If you're adding trims, now is the time! Pin your trims in place and sew on.
  6. Line up the towelling fabric on the reverse of your front fabric and iron from the middle out. I do this because I find once I've cut towelling it shrinks a little bit, so by ironing it from centre out you can get it to line up with the front fabric.
  7. Pin the towelling to the front fabric, leaving a 15cm gap in the bottom of the bib. This is where you'll pull the bib through itself once you've sewed around the sides.
  8. Starting from one end of the gap, sew all around the bib using a 1/8" seam allowance. On my machine this is lining up the outside of the sewing machine foot with the outer edge of fabric.
  9. Trim your corners close to the stitches. I trim all the way around with my pinking shears.
  10. Turn your bib inside out. Poke out the corners to get a clean line. Have a biscuit!
  11. Iron the bib firmly and turn the seam allowance in the gap at the bottom of bib up inside and press flat with your iron.
  12. Starting from halfway down the long edge of the bib, topstitch very close to the edge all the way around the bib to give a neat finish. Iron again.
  13. Add your fasteners and you're ready for meal times!
  14. Have another biscuit. You deserve it.
What have you been creating this last little while? Link up to share your crafty joy! Also, grab the new fun button and display it on your site. Sharing is cool, yo!

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