Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday

This week I'm thankful for modern medicine.
As my belly grows, November looms closer, I keep reading the news and I've been thinking about this issue a lot.
When I was pregnant with Millie, Mr S and I planned a Birth Centre no intervention labour and delivery. We had no indication that this would be a problem. I had a textbook pregnancy and I was fit and healthy the whole time, aside from a genetic dose of gestational thrombocydopaenia, which basically means that my platelet count runs a little low. After a lot of discussion with my medical professionals I finally found out that this meant that the hospital wanted a low intervention birth for me too - less intervention, less bleeding problems. Awesome! High Five! We're on the same page!

Around about my due date. Quite clearly still very pregnant.

As a lot of first pregnancies do, my due date came and I not-so-merrily waved it goodbye as I sat on the couch feeling like the size of a house. Eventually, it was time. I think the threat of induction, or my mother's whispering sent me in to some sort of labour.

The night I went into labour. My mother is actually whispering

We went to the hospital and came home again. We went to the hospital again 16 hours afters I'd gone in to some sort of labour (very few contractions, just a general icky feeling) and this time we weren't leaving without our daughter.

Time rolled on. 24 hours since labour started. 28 hours. 32 hours. 36 hours. 38 hours. We'd tried everything. My doctor and my midwife were really happy for us to try anything we wanted as they knew we wanted a natural, no intervention birth. But as soon as they said 'Look, your baby is getting distressed and there's nothing else we can try...' my mind was made up. I wanted a healthy baby, most definitely not at any cost.

Off we went, and less than an hour later (40 hours since labour began!) we met our beautiful daughter Millie. She was posterior (explains the back pain from early on) and face presentation. And so very stuck there was a lot of medical magic needed to extract her from her comfy home, safely into our arms. Let's not forget she was a Decent Size, too. There was no possible way that she was able to be born naturally, and without the intervention that we received, we both would have died. Scars? Yes. But life? Oh yes.

I'm thankful for the respect that our doctors and midwives showed Mr S and myself. I'm thankful that I knew my choices and had taken the time to research them. I'm thankful that modern medicine exists. In another time in this country Millie and I would not be here. Right now, in another country, Millie and I would not be here. But I'm so very glad that we are.

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What are you thankful for?


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