Friday, August 3, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

I've been trying to think of things to write this week... and I'm a bit stuck. Aside from one thing, which seems to be ruling our week.

18 month old Sleep Regression.

  • After seven months of two day naps and sleeping from 7ish-6.45am-ish steadily, M has chucked in a day nap, is reckless with her only day nap and sleeps from 7-9ish with a 'Good Lord, where is my dummy? What do you mean there's three here? Oh, oh, that one. Ta!' then the past week has been a couple of times per night... Usually she doesn't need us, it's just her initial wake up that wakes us up, then she goes straight back to sleep, but this week has been several wake ups that don't need us, then a 'HI THERE EVERYONE! I'M UP FOR THE DAY!' wake up call anywhere from 4am-5.30am.
  • Oh, FFS.
  • What will I do once the Olympics is over? I don't actually mind the early starts to the day - we've been snuggling on the couch with hot drinks and watching the swimming live on the iPad. But once that's over? Oh my. FFS.
  • Again, the early morning wake ups wouldn't be as bad if I could actually sleep. My hips hurt, my back hurts, the baby wakes me up kicking booting me and attempting an Alien-style exit, and I'm consistently waking up because Lucy sleeps between my knees and I can't roll over. FFS.
  • Then Lucy found my plastic bag of new baby clothes under the bed and spent half an hour just shifting the bag around enough to make a bit of noise to keep us awake. FFS.
  • I made the mistake of googling '18 month old waking early' and discovered that there's an 18 month sleep regression THAT NO ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT. Probably because you got used to them sleeping through the night, and oh, say, got yourself pregnant again. Lulled into a false sense of sleep security... FFS.
  • Poor Millie has also finally got separation anxiety. After almost 18 months of loving Mum and Dad but not being terribly fussed about who she was with, and being an independent Miss she's devastated and LOUD if I won't pick her up immediately, or attempt to do anything that's not sitting on the floor with her. 
  • Again, this would be okay if it's all snuggles, but she sits on the floor with me, has some water and a snack, we read a book or watch some TV, then she leaves the room. I sit for awhile, then when I can hear or see her entertaining herself I start doing something else. NOT ON, MUMMY. FFS. She's clever.
  • And oh yes, on the topic of Renovation is Absolutely Not a Sensation - the tiler didn't turn up this week. FFS.

Shiny Things Friday

I taught Millie how to play hide and seek this week.
Cutest. Game. Ever.

The new handbag I'd been slogging through required an absolute
mega-load of hand stitching. I whinged to Ros about it the whole time.
She was very gracious and sent me photos of her latest project that she wasn't
enjoying either. She is a good friend.

After an evening and morning of handstitching, it was done.
I'm mega proud - first time making bias binding and first time
making and using piping. It's also an absolute workhorse
of a bag.

Waiting for the bus on Wednesday morning. Lovely clouds.

Little lady at Daddy's favourite shop. These trolleys are the bomb.

On one of our early starts M worked out how to dunk my (now cold) teabag.
Now it's a just a hop, skip and a jump to making Mummy a cup of tea!

I made this gorgeous little guy this morning for a very special Mummy.
I want to keep him for myself, but he's going to a very good home.

And finally... 27 weeks. Officially hippopotamus. 

Linking up with Sarah for FFS Friday.
Dear Baby G


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