Friday, August 10, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

Really? What happened this week?

This is what the Wonder Weeks tells me... Oh god. FFS.
  • I'm fairly sure my memory vacated the room when sleep also left this house... FFS.
  • My baby. She no sleep. FFS.
  • The Olympics are almost over and I'm going to be lost for shiny moving pictures at 3am. FFS.
  • Mr S (deliverer of feline drugs) neglected to notice that Lucy was out of drugs until he gave her the last one. Two days before I (collector of feline drugs) would be in town to get more. It was actually three days because M was sick on the second day, so I was not at work. Lucy was off her tree for three days, and is still only just recovering. I feel for her, I really do, however my tolerance level for TWO clingy toddlers in the house was minimal. FFS.
  • Because Lucy doesn't wake up Mr S at night when she's feeling loco. FFS.
  • Not that he would have woken up anyway, as he'd been sadly so very bedridden with the flu that there was no waking him for anything. FFS.
  • Pregnancy insomnia is here. I regularly wake at 10pm and 4am wide awake. Twitter does not amuse me at this time, everyone is very boring in the middle of the night. FFS.
  • Caffeine makes Braxton Hicks worse. FFS.
  • I got stuck behind a car in the right hand lane (THE OVERTAKING LANE) doing 75km/hr in the 100 km/hr zone. They did not move over, even as we passed the sign saying 'Right Lane for Overtaking Only'. FFS.
  • I have millions of great ideas, but I appear to lack the memory to remember them, and the time management skills to implement them. Gosh. And, FFS.

Shiny Things

The bathroom is ready for the tiler. I discovered
Millie and Lucy inspecting it on the weekend.

Millie met our mate Andrew on the weekend. I'm unsure
who was more taken with who...

The Bump is capable of supporting crockery. However it kept kicking it off.

Millie pretends to sew. I'm dying from the cute.

When I went to buy an iron this week I was so sleep deprived that
when they told me this one was the best (and obviously most expensive), I
shrugged and bought it. Now I can't wait to use it! 

This is a lovely quote.

I discovered this nail polish in my kit this week. It's lovely!

Millie enjoying Lucy's company...
Lucy is still jonesing badly...

Nappy box car. One month on, still going strong.

When I bought the iron, I also bought Apple TV. And a fridge.
And a sandwich maker. Lesson here? Shiny toys good.
Sleep deprived shopping Bad.

Almost hairclips. How exciting!

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Dear Baby G


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