Friday, August 17, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

First world whinge time! Wheeeee!

Thanks for nothing, Lucy.
  • The tiler has not shown up this week. That's two weeks now. At this rate we could have had any tiler wanted, instead of the one who will 'fit us in no worries'. FFS.
  • The front half of my house smells vaguely like septic because there's no a) bathroom door or b) tiles on the wall to let there be a toilet in the floor. Mr S has gone to great lengths today to ensure that the smell is gone by putting a something something cap in the floor. FFS.
  • At least, I think the house smells like septic. My head is so blocked up I'm not entirely sure. FFS.
  • Although, I could certainly smell that nappy this morning... FFS.
  • I thought Mr S was either a) waiting for me to get home and deal with said nappy or b) finishing his cup of tea. It turned out to be c) When I went to change the nappy, he came in brandishing an extra pack of wipes and preparing to entertain M and hold her down. He said 'Sorry, you'll need help with that.' He was right. OMG. FFS.
  • We also have no firewood. Mr S told the woodman that we were almost out and he assured us he'd bring some 'later in the week'. Lo and behold, later in the week and no wood. It's also freaking breath-vapour cold outside. I am running an electric heater on low so we do not freeze. FFS.
  • Related: I got the power bill last week for the winter quarter. It appears that our Rheem Heat Pump Hot Water has not been working again. FFS.
  • I have no clothes that fit. No wait, that's a lie. There's a pair of maternity jeans, three maternity shirts and one of Mr S' jumpers. I have trackies that don't stay up and shirts that don't reach the trackpants. I have a perma-frozen patch of under-bump skin. FFS.
  • Related: I am going to a wedding in QLD in three weeks time. FFS.
  • M lives in Tantrum City approximately 40% of the time at the moment. Yesterday's doozy was caused by me picking her up from daycare. As in, we had to leave daycare. Ummmm.....? FFS.
  • This week my Dr mentioned they'd like another ultrasound for bub at 34 weeks. I was all 'oh yeah, no worries. MONTHS away.' He was all 'So, that's in 5 weeks time.' I guess this means I'm having a baby FAIRLY BLOODY SHORTLY THEN. Oh dear. FFS.
  • I shouldn't complain, I feel like I've been and will be pregnant forever.  FFS.
  • I certainly look like I've been pregnant forever. A delivery driver at work helpfully asked me two weeks ago 'So, almost any day now huh?'. I replied in my Caps Lock voice 'ANOTHER TWELVE WEEKS THANKS VERY MUCH.' FFS.
  • While I was doing my new preggo exercise DVD on the weekend, M helpfully sat on the floor next to me and lifted up my shirt to pat my belly. Thanks, kid. FFS.
  • Our brand new fridge got delivered, finally. That's a whole other blog post. FFS.

Shiny Things Friday

After a shitty day last week, Mr S surprised me with this after dinner.

My new iron. If it were possible to divorce and remarry...

The child proof gate to the bathroom... is not. Oops.

At the park!

I have found a use for my old iPhone 3GS. Seriously, best fabric weight ever.

Craft time!

28 weeks.

New polish. It's delightful but will be a pain to remove. I can tell.

One of my many forgotten cups of tea. When I'm at home, my ratio
for making: drinking is approximately 3:1.

My first lot of clips about to make their way to a new home!

See the pretty glittery nails? It's like a disco party on my hands.

Making. I'm enjoying this fabric so much, I think I'll have troubles
giving the finished product away.

Linking up with Sarah over at Dear Baby G for FFS Friday.
Dear Baby G


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