Friday, August 31, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

I've toyed with several ways to write this post. It was going to be either:

  • The Pregnancy Edition, consisting solely of whinging about how the baby has suddenly flipped breech, leaving me in indescribable amounts of pain (see how I slipped that in anyway?)
  • The Cat Edition, where Lucy describes the several injustices of her world or
  • The There's Nothing To Whinge About edition.

Instead, here's the regular edition for you.

The Renovation is Absolutely Not a Sensation Update

  • The floor has been tiled and grouted. The walls were set to be tiled this week, except when our tiler held his spirit level up to the walls in several places it was discovered that our walls are 'Thees walls. They like bananar.' FFS.
  • This means we've had to hire a chippie to come and effectively replace the bottom half of three walls in the bathroom. FFS.
  • He was unavailable for a week. FFS.
  • Why oh why did the tiler not think about this when he quoted on the job, two months ago? FFS.
  • I can't be angry with him. He's too charming. FFS.
  • I'd like an inside toilet BEFORE I GIVE BIRTH. FFS.
  • As I mentioned, baby has flipped breech. I think this happened two nights ago, when Mr S was showing me his fancy new commuter pushbike and I suddenly doubled over from sharp, shooting pain. I think Mr S wondered if I was just uber-impressed with his new bicycle. (actually, that's a lie, he looked concerned because we'd just eaten a super hot curry making jokes about labour.) I saw my midwife yesterday who advised panadol and heat packs and rest. 9 weeks to go. FFS.
  • I keep making my cups of tea too hot. Good lord. FFS.
  • BNHQ are either idling their sports exhaust-ed cars all day, allowing their dog to bark all day or shifting their 6 cars around. Your car works so turn it off already, your dog barks all day and you have too many cars. FFS.
  • Mr S and I misplaced the only heat pack we own on the weekend sometime. We've spent all week looking halfheartedly for it, when I found it this morning in the bottom of the washing basket. Ah, thanks Millie. Why didn't we think to look there sooner? FFS.
  • I picked up a new pair of sunglasses this week, whereupon I noticed there was a white mark between the lens and the frame. The lady surveyed me and went out the back to see what she could do. She then came back and politely asked 'Are you cleaning everything in sight yet?'
    'Yes. Why?'
    'Welllllll... it really is a tiny mark. So tiny that we could barely see it. That's when I realised you were probably nesting and cleaning everything, therefore you see every mark, minute or not.'
  • I want to be insulted. But she's right. FFS.
  • And thankfully, they fixed the damn mark.

Shiny Things Friday

'See Daddy, it's right there on, page 2. Here, let me show you.'

M takes selfies first thing in the morning whilst my phone is on the dock.

We had our carpets and couch cleaned this week. I had to
resist all urges to put no furniture back and turn it into The Good Room.

Our meals this fortnight are from this cookbook. It's lovely!

Apron I made for my SIL's birthday (today!). I love it so much
I had trouble sending it away...

Sneak peek! Hairclips, destined for Etsy this weekend. Keep your eyes peeled!

Making! I finally finished this pouch after weeks of thinking I'd
borked the zipper. I kind of did, but it doesn't look like it here! Hooray!

Linking up with Sarah at Dear Baby G for today's post.
Dear Baby G


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