Sunday, August 12, 2012

It was a really good idea. Until it wasn't.

Linen wars.

After a few years of sleeping on beautiful 1000 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets* I discovered a small tear in one. Then another small tear. Then one night I put my foot through the sheet. Never fear, we've got another set! And the exact same thing happened.

Now that we are in a Post Children Financial State of Mind we were in Spotlight (my Happy Place) and spotted (pun!) a sheet markdown bin. Win! WIN! However, we could only find two flat sheets in the colour we were after. One king sized, one queen sized.
'Never mind!' We said. 'It'll be fine! Just like hospital corners!'
So we bought them for $10 each and patted ourselves on the back for being such thrifty bargain hunters.

For the next two months I swore like a trooper every time I made the bed. In theory a King sized sheet should be much much bigger than a Queen. Could I work it out? No. My massive elephant sized beautiful baby bump made this task even more frustrating and I would inevitably wind up with the wrong sheet on the top.

But still. It was a BARGAIN. So I stuck with it and told myself I'd work it out eventually.

I did not.

So I broke and this week went back to Spotlight and bought two fitted sheets. They are different colours, but I do not care. We now have two new sheet sets and I have some semblence of bed-making sanity.

And oh yes, when I made the bed with said new sheets yesterday it was painfully obvious that I was putting a King sized top sheet on. Come on now.

What have you bought that was a BRILLIANT idea... but then wasn't?

*Clearly pre-children. I inwardly die at the idea of spending $120 on sheets now. Did you know they sell sheet sets at Woolworths? Huh.


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