Sunday, August 19, 2012

So, you're having your SECOND baby. (not that long after your first)

One of my most popular posts on here is 'So... your friend's having a baby', along with 'Life with a newborn', and 'So YOU'RE having a baby'. And as our next little baby's due date approaches at a rapid rate, it made me think of what I'd give a friend having her second baby. Ergo, what would I like to be given, should people be kind enough to give us gifts this time.

Let's face it, there's not a lot a second baby needs. Unless you're into Big Ticket Items and buying a double pram for us... we've got enough clothes and things to last us through another four children. (No. Absolutely not.) And a second pregnancy is far less about *you* than your first was. For starters, there's no lazing on the couch demanding dinner and cups of tea when there's a toddler eating a newspaper in the corner. So, given that a second baby doesn't need a lot of *stuff*, Mums and Dads could use a bit of pampering.

My list thus far (for giving and receiving) would be:

  • A nice, new fluffy bath sheet for Mum, with a matching bath towel for baby. Hooded baby towels were great until Millie was about two months old... then they weren't quite big enough. A regular bath towel is a great size for a mini-me.

Pure Fiji Starfruit Body Butter.
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  • Beautiful body moisturiser. My current obsession is Pure Fiji Star Fruit Body Butter. I got a sample one in my BellaBox in June, and Sarah was kind enough to post me her sample pot too. Once I run out of those two... yikes.
  • I know I spoke about Bodum insulated cups previously, and I have this set. However, after having one at work and constantly jostling piping hot tea over my hands whilst walking up the stairs, I've decided that ones with a handle would be beneficial. These ones look ace. While you're organising that, some fancy tea or coffee would be welcomed too. 
  • If you're the baking kind, a batch of frozen biscuit dough balls for the freezer is such a great idea. The beauty of these is that you can just pop as many on a tray as you'd like, and cook them for 5 minutes longer.
  • Always, always, a meal for the freezer is SO very wonderful. Another suggestion is that if your friend hasn't started a list already, grab any piece of paper nearby and catalogue their freezer for them. It makes the world of difference to be able to treat your freezer like a takeaway joint, at least for a few weeks.
  • While you're at it, a few large sized single serve frozen meals are a thoughtfully wonderful idea for the man of the family who still has to go to work every day. Both parents will be exceptionally sleep deprived, and if Mum doesn't have to think about dinner, and Dad doesn't have to think about lunch, they'll love you that little bit more.
  • New nail polish, with a bottle of nail polish remover, a nail file and some cotton pads. And, a note that you'll come and entertain the kiddlywinks whilst Mum has an hour to herself.
  • Garnier BB Cream. I was lucky enough to win two Garnier competitions last year (from Veggie Mama and Good Googs)and am only just working my way through the second tube of this miracle cream. It's like a great moisturiser, concealer and cover-all-my-sleep-deprivation-blotchy wonder cream. I knew it was marvellous when I had a mate I hadn't seen for a long time compliment me (honestly) on how great I looked. I'd been running on 4 hours of broken sleep for weeks. I vowed to only buy this cream forever more. And it's cheap! $13 per tube, and the first tube lasted me 8 months of everyday use.
  • It's left field, but a one month subscription to Bellabox would be a lovely treat for a Mum who might like to pamper herself but has a) no idea how (that's me!) b) no money to do so (also me!) or c) is aware that there's suddenly no time. Bellabox subscriptions are $15 per month, and come jam packed with personalised goodies. They are a generous mix of sample sized and full sized products. It's one of the highlights of my month!
  • Whilst not a lot of us are overjoyed with doing housework, an offer to run the vacuum around the house, and perhaps sweep and mop the floors would always be appreciated. Or put a load of washing on. Or put some washing away. Or all of the above. Then, leave. If there's a toddler running around, you could make them a sneaky vegemite sandwich too...
  • If you're popping by, a nice fresh loaf of bread with some lunch fixings is a great idea. So much of this is about food, but it's so true! With a newborn you're so preoccupied with the feeding and the changing and the OH MY GOD instant hunger that thinking of food in advance is difficult. And I imagine once there's a toddler as well... oh dear. This would be a great help.
  • You could offer to do the weekly shop for the family if they'd let you. I'd happily pack someone off to the supermarket with my shopping list and my bank card, so long as they didn't buy themselves too many extra blocks of chocolate.
  • If you'd like to buy things for the baby, think about the weather in six months time and gift something appropriate for the season, in a size 00-1. It's so nice once the dust settles to find it's cold/hot weather and that there's something nice and new for baby in the cupboard already.

What are your tips for helping care for a family with a second baby?


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