Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday : Moogle & Independence

This week is a bit light hearted on my behalf. It's been a crappy week of sleep and illness in the Smyth household.

The sleep has maybe perhaps sorted it out for M, although I feel like I'll have Pregomnia forever... Or perhaps just the next ten weeks or so?

Millie reminds me to take a moment and laugh. She is a pint sized whirlwind who finds delight in spinning around in a circle, touching the cat's ears, walking around the house with one of her many play telephones saying
'Hello? Um, ummmmm, um. Baaaa! Mmmmmm. Nana. Nay nay. Um. Yes. Bye bye!'. A rough translation (and perhaps why it's so amusing) is this:
'Hello? Um, ummmmm, um. Sheep! Cows! Banana! Horse! Um. Yes. Bye!'

Who couldn't love that? I also overheard her having an imaginary phone conversation with Mr S - there was lots of 'Daddy!' in there too.

I have succumbed to the Man Flu that has been circling our house for five weeks now, and I thought I'd escaped unscathed. When I am ill, it is truly a Man Flu. I need attention, cups of tea, and someone to pat my head. When I am lying on the floor in state, M comes up and pats my giant belly. Unfortunately, it's not quite the same. Close, but no lily pad.

On Tuesday morning I caught the early bus to work after precious little sleep and a head full of flu. I was well on my way to a crappy day when I received a message from Mr S with the following picture and the text simply said 'Moogle.'

And the independence. Well, M can now climb on to our dining chairs and sit herself at the dining table, often unbeknownst to us. She's also recently discovered what the iPad is ('Ooooh! Wow!' she says) and Mr S found her googling away merrily with my iPad, that I'd carefully placed in the middle of the dining table. (I.e out of tiny hands reach...)
I also found this window in the same browser session too:

I mean, what's up with that Google? No results? Piffle.
It's now referred to as Moogling, and I will be activating the parental controls on my iPad ASAP. If little lady is anything like her Mummy, the Internet shopping world is her oyster.

Linking up with Kate from Kate Says Stuff for Thankful Thursday.


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