Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday - the Mr S edition.

Whilst we've been renovating it's been a hard slog. We've had four colds and flu, morning sickness, winter, and lots of Mr S and I having one day off per week together... And that day being designated for renovating. It's safe to say that my tempers have worn thin and there's been more than one preggo tantrum.
A preggo tantrum is not pretty. It's rather similar to a toddler tantrum, with just less of throwing oneself on the ground and flailing. Because it's too far to get down to the ground with a bump the size of a basketball. Halfway through one's tantrum one may realise that it's not really a huge deal, but is unable to stop the wave of emotions. Therefore one feels ridiculous and because of this just starts crying.
Mr S is a remarkably patient and tolerant man, and after the last preggo tantrum that involved him being absent on his one day off per week to do things that were not renovation related, therefore meaning that we were yet another week behind, meaning it was extra week of an outside toilet and shower... And it was frosty that morning, he came home with this.
This, my friends, is a box of my favourite chocolates. (who am I kidding, most chocolate is my favourite!) and a length of vintage fabric that we'd seen together a few weeks prior. I fell in love with it, but didn't have enough money on my person to purchase it. After we'd pooled our funds and had enough money I decided that I had an entire room of fabric and this was highly unnecessary. I left empty handed. And now, here he was with a big kiss and cuddle for me and an armful of thoughtful goodies. He'd also bought Millie a vintage wooden puzzle, which is her new favourite.
I love that he remembered the fabric and brought it home for me. I knew it anyway, but he's a keeper.


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