Friday, September 7, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

As you read this, I'll be in another state. Surrounded by my family in the searing heat. Probably sweating. M will be glowing, and Mr S will probably be glowing too. I will be most probably looking surly and slightly uncomfortable in the heat. But that's just a mirage, as happens in the searing heat. I am excited on the inside.

So, in honour of my big brother marrying the lady of his dreams, I cannot FFS this week.

Who am I kidding? Of course I can. The wedding hasn't happened yet. Next week I can't FFS, because I'll be too full of joy and wedding cake to be cranky and pregnant.

One can hope. I mean, I'll still be pregnant, but not cranky.

So I present to you: FFS, The Customer Not Service Edition.

  • I finished work on Tuesday, had an ultrasound, and went shopping to buy a portacot and booster seat for said trip. In Target, I asked if someone could check a barcode on a price tag to see if they had more stock tucked away somewhere. The sales lady said without moving 'If there's nothing on the shelf then that's it.'
    'Uhhh... can someone check an inventory on a computer or something?' I know this to be true.
    'Oh. Perhaps. But if there's no stock on the floor, that's it.'
    'Can someone check please?'
    'Siiiiiiigh. Let me call someone.'
    Two more sales people later who didn't want to take the fifteen steps to the nursery department, we finally ascertained that they did indeed have portacots in stock. FFS.
  • I ordered two pairs of glasses from SpecSavers Friday before last, with an ETA of less than a week. Hooray! One pair turned up within a week, and I was told to come in and check a few days later. A few days later I checked and there was none. When I explained that I was going to a family wedding, ergo new glasses, they rang their lab in Melbourne. The young man serving me went and took my chosen frames off the shelf and explained to me that the lab actually needed the frames, so it would be at least another week. Shrug. Sorry.
    I actually said out loud 'Are you kidding me? I've been in here four times since I ordered the glasses and you have found this out now?' Upon asking whether or not they could expedite this process, he informed me that he'd call me the next day.
    Cue next day. I ring and wind up speaking to the manager after said young man tells me via another service rep 'We'll have to post them to you on your holiday', she informs me that the lab have actually run out of the stock of the frames I ordered and that's why they needed my frames sent. And it's one of these unfortunate things that slips through the cracks... It will be at least a week.
    I use my Caps Lock Voice to express my displeasure and ask if they can kindly speed these things up as this is going to be a bit crap. The manager tells me that I shouldn't have been given such an unrealistic due date. But the point it, I was given that date. I've ordered glasses for the past twelve years that take a week, maximum. I thought two weeks was pretty achievable as an outside date. The manager says she'll call the lab and call me back tomorrow.
    Cue next day. When I call the manager apologises that I misunderstood and that she hadn't actually promised to call me. However, she has rung the lab and asked that they use their emergency stock of frames to fill my order. Sidebar: at what point in time did no one think of this previously?When else would one use emergency stock to fill an order? She's also had someone call their courier and there is now a high chance that my glasses will be in tomorrow, in time for me to detour through Hobart with a toddler and car full of stuff on our way to the airport, to pick up my glasses. And have I ever thought about contact lenses? FFS.
  • SpecSavers also send you an email survey about their customer service when you pick up your glasses.
  • Customer service in Tasmania is exceptionally hit and miss. I do think that every customer is entitled to courtesy and kindness. I don't think that the customer is necessarily right all the time, but they do deserve to be treated with respect. What I think businesses don't realise is that money is changing hands. And it's money that we all work hard for and personally, if you're treating me poorly, I'll take my money somewhere else.
  • In other FFS, when I picked M up at daycare today her carer told me that one of the other kids had nit eggs yesterday and was sent home. Today her Mum did a 'dump and run' whilst carer was on the phone, only to discover that the poor kid had live lice today. Her Mum didn't answer any phone messages for hours, to then let Carer know that she was at least two hours away and 'pop her out the back by herself, she'll be ok by herself. And the other kids, it's just Millie and Kid B and Kid C, I mean, that's okay, right?' ABSO-FFS-INGLY NOT. What the FFS? I mean, WHAT THE FFS?
  • This is the same Mum who wasn't worried about whooping cough and her unvaccinated kids, ergo all the other kids at daycare. FFS.
  • It makes me feel SO stabby and if I didn't love her carer so much I'd find alternate care. FFS.
  • As always, the night before we go away on a holiday I am up far too late hanging out washing, lighting the fire to DRY said washing, dealing with acid reflux and an active Inside Baby, rocking M back to sleep and dealing with Lucy the cat, who goes loco every time we go away. FFS.
  • There's no doubt free alcohol at the wedding reception. I can hardly wait for post mix lemonade. FFS.

Shiny Things Friday

Father's Day at Esperance River. Feeling river water
for the first time. Colder than one expected. :)

31 weeks. I am now 32 weeks.

Taking pics for Etsy with my spunky new lightbox.

Hooray! Etsy!

The Bump giving me grief at work yesterday. You'll note
my proximity to my desk these days. Inconvenient to say the least.

A brand new bib in smaller size for my nephew, who I get to meet TODAY! Hooray!
  • Speaking of, have you seen my Etsy shop? I finally finished photographing and organising my hairclips and set up my Etsy shop over here. My little sewing name is Mrs Smyth Made This, and there's some bibs coming next week too as soon as I put the final little finishing touches on them. Hooray!
  • I had the most fun ever making the lightbox using this tutorial by Darren Rowse of ProBlogger.
  • The Coles Comfy Bot giveaway went gangbusters last week and it was really quite fun! I'm so pleased that there were so many entries, and congratulations to Chris M! A month's worth of nappies coming your way!
  • Three working weeks until maternity leave. Hooray! Cannot come soon enough.
  • M is bloody delightful. She just is.
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