Sunday, September 23, 2012

Radio Silence

Because I'm certain you were extremely worried, I'm here to reassure you that well, I'm still here. Just quiet. Even in Real Life - you know the life where you still get bills for car services and have to make dinner every night? I just don't have a lot to say. I seem to remember feeling the same way at about the same time in my pregnancy with Millie - I think perhaps it's the primal urge to go and find a cave and wait it out to give birth. I'm all for that, so long as my cave was WIFI, a comfortable bed and access to a working toilet.

But what I did do this week was also most uncharacteristic. I made plans, informed Mr S I was going out by myself on Friday night, and did so.

Etsy Australia held a meeting in Hobart, and invited me to go. Sure! Why not?

I roped Laydeepants into coming with me, and she met me at the door with a glass of wine in her hand! It was delightfully fun, and I learned so much about how Etsy actually works, how to list my items more effectively, and how much free food I can really eat. (A lot.)

I also met Jane from Life on Planet Baby, which was delightful! I'd been looking forward to meeting her one day - Hobart is not a very big place at all and I was hoping to run into her at some point in time.

Whilst sitting there amongst the cool hand made/vintage sellers/glass bottle recycling hipsters, I realised and mused out loud that this was the first time I'd been out myself since 2010.

<record screeching sound effect here>

Suddenly, I felt like the biggest loser in the room based upon my companion's horrified and sad looks. Someone said 'Wow... that's a really long time.' Let me break it down for you though...

I fell pregnant with Millie in June 2010, and I played gigs until January 2011. After that I was pretty much just working and hunkered down at home. I'm not the most social of souls at the best of times, so once I'd had Millie, 2011 consisted of

  • attempting to make a newborn sleep.
  • trying to sleep myself.
  • not venturing out at night by myself because I was too tired and didn't want to tote my breast pump everywhere I went.

Then it was 2012, and I felt mildly more like myself in January, and in February I fell pregnant again. Bring on 19 weeks of morning sickness, followed by another 10 weeks of falling asleep on the couch at 8pm, and well, here we are.

The free nights I did have - I spent them with Mr S out having dinner, seeing a concert or just generally talking about things that weren't babies!

So, yes. Loser Mummy it is.

Back to the meet. Laydeepants and I stopped ourselves from sitting at the back of the room just talking to each other and laughing inappropriately loudly at ourselves, and actually met some different people. It was lovely to meet other makers and just be among adults!

And then, of course, Laydeepants and I took photos of ourselves not taking the event at all seriously...

My bump: awesome arm rest.

And then, I STAYED OUT UNTIL 9.45PM. I know. I'm a rock star.


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