Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday: The Truth

I want to write a post that's meaningful and heartfelt about what I'm thankful for today. These are posts to come. But today, I really need to be honest with you.
Wonderful life events aside, my beautiful family aside, my love of chocolate aside, I'm immensely grateful for one thing today.
Today I go on Maternity Leave. As in, it's my last day at work before I take 6 months off.
I'm so grateful for this I cannot put it into words. Because I am tired. Tiiiiiiired. And sore. And huge. And I still have 5ish weeks to go. Can I get much bigger?
Unfortunately, the answer is yes. I have decided one always feels infinitely bigger when one's once-too-big maternity shirts do not cover one's bump anymore. I feel that I am moving past the 'glowing pregnant woman' phase into the 'Good Lord! Look at the size of her!' phase.
I am looking forward to Millie still going to daycare and having some alone time, and I'm also looking forward to sewing a bit more than usual, without the distraction of a nap time coming to a close.
In short, I'm looking forward to not dropping M at daycare at 8isham, driving 40km, parking, going to work for 5 hours, getting back in the car and driving 40kms home, picking up M, getting home, emptying a daycare bag, doing the dishes, sitting down for 30minutes (or being sat on by a wriggly M!), making dinner for M, welcoming home Mr S at 6.15pm, then getting M to bed by 7ish. Then Big People dinner and trying to race to bed to gain maximum sleep before we do it all again at 6am. You know?
I want to crawl into a cave and emerge with a newborn sometime soon.
So today, I am gleefully thankful that the whole game changes, starting now.

Thankful Thursday



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