Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Baby Br... Wait, what was I saying?

In the last few weeks I've:

  • Forgotten my name (this happens regularly)

Tried to check Twitter with the device in my left hand...
the television remote.

  • Forgot how to use my eftpos card this week, and when the very nice man at the post office corrected me, I said somewhat indignantly 'I know!' and he said 'Do you? Really?'. Bastard. He was right.
  • Tried to put my tea cup in the bathroom sink.
  • Walked into countless rooms and forgotten why I was there.
  • Used iCloud's 'Find my iPhone' feature more than once to locate my phone. Only to find it next to the mousepad where once clicks the mouse on 'Play Sound on iPhone' in iCloud.
  • Wandered the house to find my phone, only to realise it's in my pocket.
  • Told someone that I worked at '<business name> in Huonville'. They said 'Isn't that in Hobart?' I said 'No, Huonville.' 'Huh.' 'WAIT, I said Huonville? I meant Hobart. They both start with "H".' Just kill me now.
  • Trailed off mid-sentence with absolutely no idea of what I was saying in the fir...
  • Reminded myself that I actually need to take M out of the car when we get home, and not just wander inside myself.
  • Forgotten to check my diary to see what I've written down to do so I don't forget. Yep. I know.

Sent a fantastic sewing tutorial to someone on Twitter. Sans link. Cringe.
I can't believe how badly baby brain has affected me this pregnancy. I hope it'll go away after the baby's born? Maybe?

How's your baby brain? Please tell me I'm not the only one?


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