Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thankful Thursday: The Ladies in My Life

ah, yes.

Some people have their village close. As in, real life. I live 45km from the City (Hobart), and my closest village friends live 45km the other way from The City. So we're all quite a ways from each other.

Then there's my Online Village. I was just thinking about these lovely ladies today, and how much they all mean to me. Oh, pregnancy hormones, you'll start me sniffling any moment.

My Online Village falls into two groups of women. Let me start with these lovely ladies.

I met Sarah from Dear Baby G when I was heavily pregnant with Millie, and she was almost-heavily pregnant with Maggie. Since then we chat regularly on The Twitter and would furiously email back and forth (I think our record was 10 emails in 5 minutes one day) until we worked out Facebook Chat. Sarah's helped me through the crappy parts of first-year parenthood and made me smile. She and her man, HB, sent Millie gorgeous Christmas and Birthday and Just Because presents, and I do count her among one of my closest buddies. Sarah is also turning into an Uber-Blogger and I respect the way she's built her blog up over the past year or so.

Also, she drunk texts me. Respect.

I've known Melina for years, except I didn't know that I knew her. You see, back in my other life being a wage-earning musician, Melina was the very first person who ever signed up to my mailing list, and she'd faithfully buy every CD via PayPal. We then started chatting on The Twitter, and she said something one day that made me twig that she too was in the very early stages of pregnancy. So there we were. Me with my first, she with her second. We haven't really stopped talking since. Her little man O was born two days before M, and those two will perhaps get married one day. If that's what they want. I can honestly say that without Melina on the other end of the phone I would have been in endless struggletown throughout Millie's first year. 

Mel and I share many hobbies and interests and both had FurChildren before Real Children, and more than once we've realised that We Are Twins. Mel now lives 45km the other side of The City, but we seem to catch up more now. She is an Uber-Mum and I affectionately call her MacGuyMum. Who else would think to packing tape a nappy closed to ensure that the wearer stopped taking it off at night?

Ros from Sew Delicious is a newer addition to my village, but like Melina, I think she and I could be twins. Ros sews like a demon, is also an Uber-Mum to her two gorgeous girls, cake decorates like nobody's business and is such a genuinely kind and lovely person. I wish we lived closer, because I'm sure that our little girls would play destroy the joint so well together and we could drink tea and eat cake.

Stacey from Veggie Mama and I also met when we were heavily pregnant with our first babies. She lives in QLD, not far from my sister, so it was delightful to get to go and see her when I was recently in Queensland. She is also a Very Tall Lady, but seems to hide her babies even better... I present pictorial evidence to you...

Stacey is 38 weeks pregnant here. I am 32. Uhuh.
(Stacey also took this photo)

Laydeepants and I at the recent Etsy meet up in Hobart.
She kept resting her arm on The Bump, said it was comfortable.
We tried to rest a wine glass on there too, but The Bump would not co-operate.

Then there's Laydeepants. Actually, her name is Melanie, and she's the coolest cat around. I met Mel when I first moved to Tasmania. She also sews like a demon, is a way-cool community radio chick, loves live music, has some AWESOME interests, paints amazing things, and is currently riding a pushbike everywhere and training for a 10km run. We have semi-regular Laydee Days, where we craft and chat. Sometimes we just chat. Sometimes we just craft. But I luff her lots and lots.

My other Online Village is my Online Mother's Group. (I'm having a baby brain moment, should that be an apostrophe?) We all met when we were in our pregnancies for March 2011. We started on Essential Baby but none of us could work it on our phones so we switched to Facebook. These ladies rock my world. I don't have a real life mother's group, so these 38 ladies are my lifeline sometimes. I don't say much in there at present, but I read every day, and I'm always so grateful that they're there. After all, when you've got a new baby, it's highly comforting to know that there's 37 other Mums up at 3am too, and a fair chance one of them is online. We're now 18 months into our relationships with each other, and it's lovely that there's still 30-odd of us around.

I am thankful for all of these women. They are there to listen to me, and are always unwavering in their support and friendship. 

Thank you!

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Thankful Thursday


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