Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thankful Thursday - A Night Out

You may recall my Thankful Thursday of a few weeks back. Remember the one where I wanted to find something BIG and LIFE AFFIRMING to be thankful about... but the overwhelming gratitude I felt that day was that by the time most of you read it, I had finished my last day at work and was on maternity leave.

I came home from work that day, picked up M from daycare, sat on the couch for a bit and decided there was no way I was cooking and got fish and chips for dinner. Mr S picked up a bottle of wine and we had a sip and clinked glasses towards our future.

Over the course of the next day I had three Ocular Migraines, each getting progressively worse, winding up with me lying in bed, unable to sleep but unable to open my eyes. The next day I woke up with the Headache Hangover (whee! fun times!) and as I supervised Millie's breakfast smearing of weetbix all over the dining table Mr S asked for use of the car. Sure thing. I'm not going anywhere.

Just as he left he said
'Oh! I've organised dinner for tonight! All you have to do is make sure Millie's fed by 6pm. And wear something nice.'

'Oh great!' I thought 'How lovely! He knew I wasn't feeling well and wanted to do something nice.' I spent the day pondering if we were actually going anywhere (No! Ridiculous! We can't afford that!) or were we just having a nice dinner at home (much more likely!). But still, a nice outfit was requested...

When one is 35 weeks pregnant and the size of a house, this is somewhat easier said than done.

I wore this dress, it being the only thing that isn't jeans that fits.
Also FYI L-R: Mr S, M, me & Mothership.

I even shaved my legs. That's how much of an effort I went to. Doesn't sound like much, but my Heavily Pregnant Sistas will understand. I wore this outfit and at 5.55pm decided to brush my hair, because even thought we weren't going anywhere, it would be nice to have brushed my hair more than once in a day. You know?

Mr S ambled through the door at 6pm on the dot, dressed up very handsomely. He packed Millie a bag, instructed me to get in the car, to not worry about makeup please, and just get in the car. Now.

We drove to Millie's daycarer's house, where I was instructed again to stay in the car (I'm a fusspot leaving M) and we were on our way. To dinner. In town.

It transpires that Mr S had organised this with Millie's daycarer about three weeks ago to celebrate my finishing work and have a night out by ourselves before #2 rolled up, put down their kit bag and interfered with our sleep for a period.

Mr S took me a beautiful Greek restaurant, where we stuffed ourselves full of dips and breads and olives and stunning Greek food. We then went to a bar for a drink and fancy dessert. Despite ourselves, our conversation was peppered with baby names and talk of Millie. We did manage to talk of matters other than these... eventually. A movie was contemplated... but there's a high probability I would have fallen asleep. As I demonstrated, falling asleep in the car on the way home.

Wouldn't this be a lovely well rounded blog post if there were pictures of the restaurant, a selfie of Mr S and I, a picture of our dessert (I tried, but Mr S convinced me that no one cares. He's right.) and another selfie at the end of the night? Well, no. I was too busy having fun stuffing my face with Greek dips.

I'm so grateful that Mr S took the time to organise such an event and to keep it a secret from me for so long. M's daycarer didn't breathe a word either. I'm such a lucky lady to have a Mr S in my life.

And now, as baby #2's arrival approaches with the speed of light, Mr S is being even more wonderful than normal. And that's a lot of wonderful.

What are you thankful for today?

Thankful Thursday


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