Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What I Like To Read

Following on Copying Shamelessly Sarah's lead from a few weeks back, here are my favourite blogs to read.

Dear Baby G

Dear Baby G 
I have always loved Sarah's blog, and look eagerly at my feed reader to see if she's written anything new. As I've mentioned gushed previously, she's also a fantastically awesome lady who I am proud to call my friend, not just on the innernets. 
What you'll find at Dear Baby G:Stories about homebirth, health issues, the cutest toddler in the WA timezone, and beautiful tales of home life and the odd recipe and craft tutorial. Sarah's your gal.

Sew Delicious

Ros is exceptionally awesome and I think one of Australia's unsung sewing bloggers. She's hilarious, her tutorials are spot on, her tutorial photographs are even more spot on, and I can't believe she's not driving around a brand new sponsored Mercedes Benz... Also a lovely lady who I call a friend.
What you'll find at Sew Delicious:
Awesome tutorials for a wide variety of sewing projects, lovely link ups for sewing link parties and most recently, a hefty digest of sewing tips in her Back To {Sewing} Basics series. 

Kate Says Stuff

Kate Says Stuff
Kate writes such gently touching stories I'm always keen to see what's up next. Kate Says Stuff hosts the Thankful Thursday link up, which I think is such a wonderful idea to make me pause and appreciate the awesomeness in my life. She has a good proportion of guest posts that are always thought provoking and bring a quiet stillness to my life as I read. Kate also hosts lots of fantastic giveaways! And, she's absolutely lovely.
What you'll find at Kate Says Stuff:
Thankful Thursday, Autism information and support, stories of family life, fun giveaways and great reading.

Veggie Mama

Stacey shares the most amazing vegetarian recipes and pictures from her house in QLD. This lady can food blog, yo! I've got a few of her recipes in high rotation (Corn chowder, anyone?) and I love her even more now that we almost have twinsies for our first bubs... and we managed to get knocked up fall pregnant magically again within weeks of each other.
I love her despite her ability to be full term pregnant and hide that baby in her insides so well that if you looked closely you might wonder? Whereas I, well, I am a hippo. (but this post is not about me, obviously.)
What you'll find at Veggie Mama:
Meatless Mondays, flavour packed vegetarian food that makes you wonder 'Bacon? What bacon?' and gorgeous kid's food ideas.

I started reading CINO about a year or so ago, and it was her tutorial page that got me more confident about making kid's clothes. Jessica is also having an early November baby, so I've been following her baby tutorials with keen interest. However, she is a hand made goddess, and made an entire hand made nursery for her new baby, which is CINO baby #3, so she's even more amazing for doing this with a four year old and a two year old. (As we discussed in another post, I bought a second hand cot, a new mattress and washed some clothes. Yup. Mother of year over here. Again, this post is not about me.)
What you'll find at CINO:
Outfit a day pics, fantastic kid's clothes tutorials, stories from family life, and the life of a brilliant sewing blogger.

Parental Parody

Georgia, along with Sarah, is one of the only ladies that can make me almost choke on my tea with laughter at 6am. I love reading about her twin tornadoes, along with her other two kids who seem like the loveliest, cheekiest monkeys around. Also, next to Ros, Georgia is my #1 blog face book page commenter. What's not to love about that?
What you'll find at PP:
Laughs, and competitions to win wine. Enough said, really.

Honey, You Baked

Melina and Danni live in two different states, but used to share a workplace. Now, they share recipes and kid's activity ideas via their blog, Honey, You Baked. Melina is one of my Lady Village, but I swear I'd tell you about this blog even if Millie isn't often dressed head to toe in Miss E's handmedowns. The recipes they post are amazing, and they have the ability to make dinner look easy. I made this a few weeks ago, and I was a convert.
What you'll find at HYB:
Kid's activities, handy recipes, beautiful sweet treat blog hop posts.

Styling You

This isn't a blog I check every day, but I find myself referring to Styling You again and again. What a resource! Nikki features great product reviews and has always given me some great sneaky fashion advice on The Twitter as well. 
What you'll find at Styling You:
The Model and Me series, product reviews, fashion advice.

Cass Can Sew

Cass is a newer addition to my reading list, and I'm absolutely loving her blog. I found her through Sew Delicious and I'm in love her vintage op shopping bent and ability to make the CUTEST things. THE CUTEST! You need to check her Etsy shop too.
What you'll find at Cass Can Sew:
Great tutorials, vintage style, op shopping adventures, great recipes just like Nana used to make.

So there you have it, just a handful of my favourite blogs. I'll do another post, because there's more, but I'm tired and hippo-like and pregnant, and it's taken me a week to write this one. At the risk of never blogging again, I'll let you enjoy this list before I continue with it!


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