Sunday, December 16, 2012

When is enough, enough?

Is my grammar wrong in the heading? Most probably. Or should that be most, prob-ably?

Today I deleted the Facebook and Twitter apps on my beloved third child iPhone. Why? Because I couldn't take reading update after update about mass school shootings and I don't have the self control to leave the apps there and just not open them. Instead, I'd just read update after update about school shootings and soldier's wives sleeping by their dead husband's caskets, and I'd just cry and cry. Ah, hormones. You heighten everything.

I'm lucky that my kids are tiny and not asking about the senselessness behind the events of this week. Parents and carers of those who are, my heart goes out to you. It's one thing for us to explain about how Lucy thought Millie might take away her toy and that's why she got scared and angry... but I don't know how I'd explain that the mental health system in the USA needs an overhaul and don't even get me started on gun control.

I know it's not the age that we live in, but I wonder if perhaps a bit of a media blackout is a good thing. When I was struggling with some anxiety issues I made a point of only surrounding myself with lovely things. A gratitude journal, a beautiful bunch of flowers, positive affirmations. And I didn't read the newspaper. The first day I decided not to read the paper I glanced over at it, and the page was printed in black ink, with the words 'TERROR IN THE FACE OF THE GFC'. See my point?

I'm well aware of the events that have occured, and it's terrifying and heartbreaking to think of so many families without their children. My heart can't take it. My heart also can't take the news being rehashed again and again and arguments about gun control and statistics about gun control and someone retweeting a pro-gun lobbyist. It's like a thousand brick being slammed down again and again. Once was enough to make me cry and find my children and my husband and hold them all so very tightly.

How do you deal with the bad news in our media?


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