Friday, January 18, 2013

FFS Friday - Shiny Things Friday

  • My blog-jo is missing. Have you seen it? FFS.
  • As Mr S and I wish to not add to our brood for a little while, I began to take the Mini-Pill. It made me feel more-than-slightly unhinged. FFS.
  • After four weeks of taking said Mini-Pill I realised I'd been in a bad sad mood for four weeks. Cue Doctor visit. Cue no more Mini-Pill. The thing is, I'm still waiting to feel better. FFS.
  • This morning I've been followed around by a meowing, scratching random things Lucy-cat. FFS.
  • I did a lot of clothes washing this morning and it's pouring with rain now. FFS.
  • Pippa gets awful colic at the same time every day. A friend mentioned to Andrew that her kids were the same, she cut out all dairy and it made a real difference. This week, Oat Milk, Nuttelex, Sweet William Chocolate and Not-Tim-Tams entered my world. FFS.
  • Oat milk, Nuttelex and Not-Tim-Tams are fine. Sweet William Chocolate is not. FFS.
  • I REALLY like butter. FFS.
  • I'm hoping that the dairy-free business will help with my Operation Skinny Jeans. Last week I lost 2 kilos.
  • I am having a Big Birthday in a few weeks. Help. FFS. Despite this, my hairdresser has confirmed that there are no grey hairs on my head. Win.

Shiny Things Friday

Oh my god, my kids are lovely. Pippa loves to snuggle and Millie loves to cuddle. I could not love these two any more.
Taking photos of a toddler means they're mostly blurry.
But look at her!

Lady Pippa wearing a new dress and loving it!

Covered in kids. Love it.

My kitchen helper. She wipes the bench and everything!

I was in the other room and heard Millie chatting. I came in to
hear "Bowl. HAT! Bowl. HAT!"

Pippa was sent some bibs by Ros at Sew Delicious.
She couldn't decide which one to wear, it was too exhausting.

Linking up with Sarah at Dear Baby G.
Dear Baby G


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