Monday, January 7, 2013

That's right, I give myself Gold Stars.

That's right, I give myself Gold Stars, and other colours too.

Ok, so I had a break. I didn't really mean to, however I got the biggest case of writer's block and started enjoying cleaning my house instead. I know.

Buuuut I'm missing writing. I started writing some lyrics down again the other day as well, and that's a huge thing for me. I haven't written a song for almost three years.

I've seen so many breakdowns of 2012, and it was a huge year here in Haus of Smyths. We renovated and we had another baby. Only two major things really, but by golly were they life changing and life affirming.

There's no more talk of adding to our brood for at least another couple of years now, so now, it's time to smash some goals.

First up is my Moving goal. The awesome Kate from Kate Says Stuff and Sarah from Dear Baby G have been inspiring me with their fitness and health posts lately.

Kate's been writing about Operation Move since September, and now, I'm in. I've never been an awesome exerciser, so I'm setting my goals small to begin with. I'm doing my recovery strength exercises 20 min/day and playing 'STOP! GO! RUN!' with Millie as often as possible. My back is quite painful at present from contorting myself whilst feeding Lady Pippa and carrying around an almost 6kg baby daily, so I'm hoping that gaining some core strength back will be helpful here.

I stepped on the scales today and so far I've lost 15kg since Pippa was born. By my calculations there's 8kg to go until I'm at Pre-Pippa Weight, 13kg to Pre-Millie Weight and 17kg to Skinny Waisted Jeans Weight. I'm aiming for somewhere between Pre-Millie and Skinny Waisted Jeans weight by the end of the year. I'm taking a stab in the dark and saying that breastfeeding a giantess of a baby is going to be remarkably helpful.

Sarah's been following 12WBT and absolutely SMASHING it. And she now looks even more SMASHING. I love the idea of 12WBT but I'm not willing to stop eating ten tonnes of sugar and fourteen blocks of chocolate just yet...

So that's one of my goals for this year. I've put reminders in my phone for my strength exercises, and I subscribe to the Jerry Seinfeld 'Don't Break The Chain' productivity theory. That's right, I give myself coloured stars on the calendar praising myself for doing my exercises. Here and now, I've just made myself accountable. Here we go!



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