Friday, January 11, 2013

#operationmove - a check in

I'm pretty pleased with myself. For the last 11 days I've completed my recovery stretches twice per day, with the exception of Sunday. On Saturday night Mr S was away, Pipster woke me at 4, we dozed until 5, and at 5.30am she chucked all through my bed. GOOD MORNING! So, on Sunday I struggled with 4 hours sleep.

I've found that I no longer wobble on the spot when I'm standing still, my abdominal muscles feel much stronger and I have got hamstring strength. All this in 11 days? I'm impressed. When I put some new batteries in our scales on Tuesday and realised that I've lost 15kg since Pip was born, I was happy. I'm going to continue with the stretches and start doing some cardio next week as well.

Whilst my core and legs feel stronger, I've developed a nasty pain in my back. I'm pretty sure that it's because my core is no longer taking the brunt of my weight anymore, and my back is pretty weak. I found my TENS machine in the cupboard (thankyou Freecycle!) and I intend to give it a whirl on my back. Family Smyth are also heading to the pool this afternoon, and if I can find my goggles I'll be doing a few laps. I'm also contemplating a double pram for walks out and about. At the moment Millie sits in the pram and Pip hangs out in the Ergo, and my back complains. Lady Pippa is not a small baby...

Last week I pulled out my pre-pregnancy clothes and it was not the shopping extravaganza I had hoped for. I'll be rocking my maternity jeans for a few weeks more.

SIDEBAR: I'm sad when I have to put my maternity jeans away and go back to Real People clothes. WHO invented the button and zip? Truly? Elastic waisted jeans are, quite frankly, the bomb diggity bom bom. Fashionable? Well...

I hope to record a loss on the scales next week, however as long as I'm feeling stronger, that's the important thing right now. If I were deathly serious about the kilograms I'd be eating far less chocolate, Oreos, hot chocolates, coffees and biscuits. *wink*



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