Thursday, February 21, 2013

Adios, my twenties.

This is my last evening of being a twenty-something. Tomorrow, I become a thirty-something. Weird.

It's strange to be finally turning thirty, because I felt like it would never happen. I watched everyone around me turn thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, but I seemed to perpetually stay in my twenties.

I don't really remember turning twenty, aside from feeling the sting of adulthood. The fact I only felt it at twenty is ridiculous, by that stage Mr S and I had been dating for almost three years and living together for almost two.

Thirty feels different, like perhaps this is the breathing space I've always wanted and I'll fill my own skin comfortably. I'm excited about being thirty.

Tonight I thought about all the things I'd wanted to do in my life so far:
  • Earn a living as a musician. Tick.
  • Get married to Mr S. Tick.
  • Have babies with Mr S. Tick. Tick.
  • Play at awesome festivals as a musician. Tick.
  • Record albums of my own songs. Tick.
  • Work as a graphic designer. Tick.
  • Own a home. Tick.
  • Go to New Zealand. Tick.
  • Go to the South of France and travel from one side (Cannes) to the other. 

So, to be completely honest, that's amazing. Maybe my French daydream delights in the planning, not the fruition. Oh, how I love to plan.

Vanity-wise, I'm not particularly wrinkled, I'm not grey haired (I asked my hairdresser to check) and I'm not overweight. That's right, this week heralded a surprising return to Pre-Pippa weight. Feeding a monster-sized baby, chasing a toddler and doing 20min of exercise most days has seen me lose 23 kg (18.5kg if you subtract Pippa's birth weight) in 14 weeks. I'm shocked and secretly delighted.

My twenties were the most fun filled, saddest, most fulfilling time of my life thus far. I can't wait to see how my thirties pans out.

Happy Birthday to me, and a special thought for my Mum, who thirty years ago today gave birth to her last baby. (I've decided that Mums get shafted on their kids birthdays - who did all the work here huh? HUH?)

Plans for my thirties?

Stay tuned.


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