Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Easter eggs, lies and a washing machine.

I have a very serious problem.

When I did a load of washing yesterday and washed my dressing gown I was certain that I had emptied the pockets. Whilst Mr S was unsurprised that I thought I'd emptied my pockets and I had not, it brought light to a much more serious problem.

It appears that someone has been in my house, sitting around all evening not only wearing my dressing gown but eating a large quantity of Cadbury solid easter eggs. They have then stashed the evidence in my dressing gown pockets. 

When I took the load of washing out of the machine there was a handful of scrunched up easter egg wrappers, a mangled receipt and a lone tissue. But mostly easter egg wrappers.

I'm certain that this is an attempt to derail my Yummy Stay At Home Mummy Yoga Pant Wearing facade... it makes it seem as though all I do is sit around in my dressing gown eating (my children's) easter eggs.

You and I both know that it's all lies, right?


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