Friday, May 17, 2013

FFS Friday - Twonager Edition.

We are about to journey to family birthday interstate. Two kiddlywinks under 3 on a plane and a 4 hour car ride. Gulp. FFS.

In a discussion with my SIL about portacots, car seats and high chairs she says she's just spent an entire afternoon with my MIL going through her wardrobe trying to decide what to wear to the birthday party - did she have anything formal enough? I hadn't even given it a thought until she mentioned it. Now I can't stop thinking about it. My personal checklist to leave the house these days is: vomit free? Let's ride. FFS.

I've been sewing up a storm - pics to come. In the course of the last week I've burned my hand on my iron and sewed my finger. Bent needle and everything. Amazing. FFS.
I did finish two quilts, a skirt, a bag, hemmed some jeans and abandoned a project.
I gave said Twonager a quilted blanket I'd been working on since March. She'd been watching me work on it but I hadn't let on it for was her. I set the washing machine for 5am, had it in the dryer at 6am, folded it up and gave it to her at 7.30am.
'Remember it was your birthday? Here's a present Mummy's just finished for you.'
'I don't like it. I don't want it.'
'It's a special blankie, Mummy made it just for you.'
'I don't want it.'

Sewing adventures

I thought it was an anomaly until we were gazing out the window an hour later, talking about the moo cows across the road...
'Oh! Moo cow, Mummy!'
'Yes! Look at it! Now, remember Mummy made you a special blankie for your birthday?' Hushed, reverent tones.
'Yes. I don't want it.' Hushed, reverent tone.


Despite telling me 'IT IS SO PITTY MUMMY IS IT MILLIE'S?' for the last two weeks and  subsequent rejection she has been snuggling under it all afternoon and said 'I REALLY LIKE IT' tonight.

Thank god. FFS.

Sewing adventures


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