Friday, May 3, 2013

FFS Friday

This week kind of levels out to a nice, even keel. That said, there's been all manner of excitement (question mark?) and excitement (real, live excitement).

It turns out that despite the myriad of cars, comings and going and noise, only two people live at BNHQ. They are actually quite nice to speak to. Their dogs still bark all day and they fix their cars all evening, but at least I'm no longer worried they're going to maim me. NO FFS.
  • Pip has gotten two teeth in two days. I imagine this is quite painful, and I'm certainly sharing in her pain as she had me out of bed 9 times on Monday night. FFS.
  • There's more coming. I can see their taunting white points. FFS.
  • We went camping last week and it was amazing. However, as I was ferreting through the linen cupboard finding blankets I rested my head on the sheets to get a better look inside. Then I realised I'd not only fallen asleep, I'd fallen asleep standing up in the linen cupboard. FFS.
  • I need to put a sign on my front door saying 'A TWONAGER LIVES HERE.' This week has seen the introduction of the 'Time Out' space for Millie. It's so hard, and I'm mourning the loss of her sweet little baby innocence to a two year old who seems to be as stubborn as her mother and father. FFS.
  • When I went to pick up Millie from daycare on Wednesday at 2.59pm, the car did not start. FFS.
  • I love living in the country. I rang my local Bridgestone service centre who dropped everything, drove to my place, jump started the car (cost: $0!) and offered to follow me to their centre so they could check the battery. NO FFS.
  • I got them to replace the battery in Handsome James. That was $125 I hadn't seen coming. FFS.
  • He runs like a dream now. NO FFS.
  • He needs his shocks replaced, and is getting two done this month and two the following month. The car account currently has $0 in it. FFS.
  • In the past two weeks I have rotary cut my finger once, cut the same finger with a knife and mandolin sliced a different finger. FFS.
  • I have always bruised easily (YO PLATELETS, WHADDUP?) but it's a bit extreme at the moment. My legs are always covered in bruises and I can tell you what every single one is.
    'This one's the bed end.'
    'This one's the fire guard.'
    'I ran into the clothes horse.'
    'Millie pointed her elbows into my thigh.'
    'I ran into the door frame.'
    Sadly these are all true. I'm just freakin' clumsy. FFS.
  • After the 9 wake ups from Lady Pip on Monday night, Lucy woke me up for a 10th. Suffice to say I didn't react particularly well. FFS.
  • The cat really is a f**king fruit loop. FFS.
  • I joined a quilting class in Huonville. I bloody love it. I left Mr S with the kiddies at 6.30pm Wednesday night and came home at 8.45pm to a quiet house. I'm going again next week and every available opportunity after that. NO FFS.
  • My latest project looks awesome. NO FFS.

Dear Baby G


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