Friday, June 21, 2013

FFS Friday - Is that what day it is?

Best laid plans and all that. We are currently in the Winter of Sickness here (FFS) and ergo, the Winter of No Sleep (FFS). I frequently forget what day it is (Mr S tells me to get a real job. He's just joking, lest I stop cooking him dinner.) and have fallen asleep standing up over the cot more than once. FFS.

I realised I haven't had more than three hours of unbroken sleep since the middle of May. FFS.
I have resorted to drastic measures to keep myself awake comforting and feeding Lady Pippa. I have eyedrops in the bathroom to avoid the dreaded sandpaper eyes, a sugary muesli bar slice to keep my occupied and I've begun to use Facebook again in the middle of the night. I also watch TV on the iPad. Sometimes I still fall asleep mid-phone fiddle and poor Lady Pip has copped an iPhone to her person from a great height once. Oops. FFS.
When I do go back to sleep Lucy wakes me up. FFS.
Mr S sleeps through most of this. FFS.
Mr S has a delightful habit of not being able to read my mind and ascertain my caffeine levels in the morning before barraging questions and housework suggestions to me. As I was walking out the door with Millie this morning he asked me why there was still an envelope on the hallstand. It is a fair point that I had actually dealt with said envelope, and just not removed it, but there was no sweet sweet caffeine coursing through my veins and I glared lasers with my Caps Lock Eyes instead. FFS.

Millie got a cold. FFS.
Pip got a cold. FFS.
Millie got better. No FFS.
I got a cold. FFS.
Mr S had threat of a cold. FFS.
We got better. No FFS.
Pip got sniffly again. FFS.
Whilst Pip was getting her vax, Millie was off daycare with another cold. (FFS) The Dr commented that I had both girls today, and I replied along the lines of 'Yes. Only sick on daycare days.' Our sweet Dr asked if I minded her looking Millie over. I insisted it was just a cold. She insisted on looking. Millie had severe tonsillitis. FFS Mummy.
The next two weeks I took Lady Pip to the Dr twice with said sniffles and vomits, only to be told it was a virus. FFS.
She spiked 24 hours of 38-39oC fevers last Friday, and woke with a rash on Monday. I thought it was a viral rash and didn't fancy going to the Dr again to be told it was just a virus. Overnight it spread to her face and she was VERY unhappy. FFS.
I took her to the Dr and she too has tonsillitis AND scarlet fever. FFS.
Scarlet fever WTF??!!!! FFS.
Luckily my girls love medicine and have taken their liquid antibiotics with gusto. I got another cold on the weekend and threw a mini wobbly and went to bed for 90 minutes of uninterrupted sleep. My cold immediately lifted. No FFS.

As I'm typing this, Lucy is sitting next to my keyboard trying to lick my fingers. FFS.
I am never alone. Ever. FFS.

BNHQ's dogs bark every time I go outside. I will not miss them when they move. I don't think I've ever seen them take their dogs for a walk either. FFS.

I haven't added in how Millie drew on the cream microfibre couch with red texta, how much I'm loving a show called House of Cards right now, and all the things I've been sewing. That's for another time.

Yes, cream microfibre couch. FFS.
It's also really really freaking cold here at the moment. FFS.

That's a lot of FFS. You're welcome.


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