Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's a First World Blackout

Firstly, goodness me. It's been a month since I last blogged.

Ah, real life. You are sweet.

But my story. Oh yes. On Tuesday morning, after 24 hours of the heaviest rain we'd had all year, there was a blackout at 7.30am. I was in blissfully alone in the shower with no one saying 'MUM? WHAT DOING?' or 'MUMUMUMUM WAAAAH' or 'MEOW' and when the lights went out I panicked momentarily, thinking that the hot water would stop. Alas, we have a giant sized hot water tank, so I was sweet on that point. So I kept showering in the pale light of morning, and then the barrage of the potential things that my day might entail entered my uncaffeinated head like a freight train.

In this order:

  1. I cannot blowdry my hair. No fringe for me. Help.
  2. I will need to use my breastpump manually. Help.
  3. COFFEE.
  4. My phone is not charged.
I know. Drastic, right?

I can rally my own inner troops. I brushed my fringe down and hoped for the best. I set up my pump manually and Millie wanted to help. I'm quite glad, it took an age to pump the bottle and substantially less time for flu-ridden Pippa to drink it. I could go for a drive to charge my phone. Small pot of water on the fire and then there was coffee.

The last point, however? Well, my shoddy parenting skills showed. Millie asked for Sesame Street (aka Pippa's first naptime and Mummy's coffee time) and we had quite a lengthy discussion about how the television wasn't working. After Millie had me try every remote twice, she agreed that perhaps the TV just needed batteries. Indeed.

We played lego and dollies and read a few books. We looked at the cows outside and that's when I realised that I was very very tired. How?

Well, I had an epiphany with the cows. The cows don't know if there's a blackout, because they mosey about during the day and snooze at night. They just are.

Then the power came back on, Pippa had a nap, I had another coffee and our day went on. I vowed to get some more sleep, because really? Zen cows? 

(I also put all of my iDevices on their chargers quick sticks and boiled the kettle to put in a thermos lest there be another blackout. Mummy needs iDevices and coffee on hand at all times.)


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