Friday, August 23, 2013

FFS Friday - Heidi, a chippie, and the flu

  • It's been a few weeks since my last confession. FFS.
  • I suspect when I sleep more I'll be able to whinge more. FFS.
  • Millie has had a cold/cough/conjunctivitis for 10 days. FFS.
  • After two days of sitting on her to put eyedrops in her eyes, I gave up on the chemist's approval. FFS.
  • Guess who got a cold and conjunctivitis on Tuesday? FFS.
  • I've never wished my Mum and my in-laws lived around the corner as fervently as I have this week. FFS.
  • Millie averaged a tantrum every 10 minutes yesterday. That average includes the time that she was sleeping, therefore silent, therefore not upset. FFS.
  • I have used my Caps Lock Voice and Caps Lock Eyes for too many days in a row and I'm emotionally wrung out. FFS.
  • Millie was sufficiently recovered to go back to daycare on Wednesday. At 6pm Tuesday her carer let me know that her daughter had gastro and she wasn't working on Wednesday. I almost cried. FFS.
  • It's been raining and I have no rain cover for the pram. We haven't been walking for a week. FFS.
  • This contributes to my grumpy pants. FFS.
  • Pippa Jane is delightful and gorgeous and won't let me out of her sight. FFS.
  • Whilst cooking a roast for dinner with friends last week the oven made a funny noise and got cooler. I started frantically googling 'Silverside roast in oven died can I use pressure cooker?'. Yes, you can. NO FFS.
  • An element also stopped working a few months ago. FFS.
  • The electrician finally returned my call and told me it wasn't worth fixing. FFS.
  • I procrastinated for a week until Mr S said 'Dude. What are you doing? WE DON'T HAVE AN OVEN. Can you just buy another one please?' I said 'I don't think we can afford it.' And then I realised that thanks to my super budgeting skills and YNAB, we can. NO FFS.
  • It's the first time we've bought a major appliance without going into debt. It feels REALLY good. NO FFS.

  • Her name is Heidi and she's beautiful. NO FFS.
  • Why, pray tell is she in the dining room?
    Well. The old stove was 530mm wide. The gap is 541mm. Heidi's specs were 540mm. The man in Harvey Norman measured her and said she was 545mm. Our sparky and our chippie suspected it'd be ok. (see where this is going?)
  • Heidi has too much junk in her trunk and doesn't fit.
  • The chippie is hopefully coming tomorrow to amend my benchtops. FFS.
  • If I ever meet the people that built my house I want to shake them. Hard. There's not one aspect of this house that is built conventionally. Remember the three false walls that had to be put in the bathroom last year so we could tile? The bathroom pipes that have NO squeeze room underneath the house? The septic tank that was concreted over? FFS. FFS. FFS.
  • Heidi has a double oven. NO FFS.
  • She's a very expensive yet beautiful addition to my sewing room right now. FFS.
Is it wine time yet?

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Dear Baby G

Thursday, August 8, 2013


I saw this post by Stacey over at Veggie Mama and thought it looked like a spot of fun. It seems like a nicer explanation of my days than 'I washed nappies. I hung washing out. I put more washing in the dryer. I played cars. I had my hair done by a 2 year old. Pippa didn't sleep. Pippa slept. I didn't sleep.'

I mean, it's not that the above isn't an interesting explanation, but this seems like less of real life and more of fun life.

New quilting
Making : A new quilt for snuggling on the couch with.
Cooking : Banana cake, loaves of bread, yoghurt.
Drinking : Moccona instant coffee with a dash of cinnamon. Don't hate me coz I love instant.
Reading: Freakonomics by Steven Levin.
Wanting: Time. Always time.

So icy
Looking: Out the window at the icy mist.
Playing: Anything on, or the new Deborah Conway album, Stories of Ghosts.
Wasting: Half eaten toddler meals.
Sewing: A giant pile of paid mending. Turns out men are hard on their work shorts.
Wishing: I went to bed earlier than staying up with Mr S and watching The Cleveland Show.
Enjoying: Thinking about my next quilt.
Waiting: To finally finish my tax return.
Liking: The freezerload of bananas, just waiting to be turned into cake.
Wondering: Which load of washing to do first.
My littlest gorgeous girl.
Oh my heart.
Loving: Pippa's sounds, words and giant sized smile. And the giant full faced raspberries she's currently giving the ottoman.
Hoping: She decides to sleep soon.
Marvelling: At making two humans. Seriously? Smash some genes together and... humans. Weird.
Needing: To put the little bits and pieces of the lounge room away where they belong.
Smelling: Coffee.
Wearing: This isn't a good look today - giant sized trackies, explorer socks, a nice red shirt with a nice cardigan over the top. Half ready to leave the house.
Following: Through on projects is my downfall when I'm this tired and forgetful.
Noticing: The birds that seem to live in my roof are getting much bigger, ergo louder.
Knowing: Like Stacey, that this isn't forever. I will sleep again and my children will not throw tantrums.
Thinking: About how Pippa's escalated from giant smiles and raspberries to giant tantrums and yelling in the space of a paragraph.
Feeling: Tired. Happy and satisfied after sewing class last night, and spending time with Mr S drinking hot chocolates and watching Cleveland... but so very tired.
Bookmarking: Red Pepper Quilts and Ms Midge.
Opening: Post that tells me I need to send this letter to my health fun and an electricity bill that wasn't nearly as scary as I imagined.
Giggling: This is so freakin true.
Feeling: That my headache might not go away today. Aaargh!

Tell me what you're up to!

Friday, August 2, 2013

FFS Fridazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry, did I nod off?

Not only do I think I am the most fashion-boring person in the world right now, I'm worried I'll fall asleep midsentence. FFS.
And to make myself stay awake, I just. keep. talking. FFS.
I've been spending so many nights sitting up holding Lady Pippa that I now enjoy watching TV at 4am. FFS.
I have a severe case of the Social Mummy Pretendies , that is, trying to sound like I'm not an overtired not-quite-sane Mummy. I'm convinced that half of my new Mother's Group hate me. FFS.
I'm sure they don't. Maybe? FFS.
I'm attempting to lessen my sugar intake. By lessen, I mean eat sugar like a normal person. Apparently punishing one's porridge with brown sugar isn't healthy. FFS.
That said, porridge with some pear and a sprinkle of brown sugar is very tasty. NO FFS.
Mr S and I have been watching Prof Brian Cox's Wonders of Life series. Mr S watches it, but Prof Cox has such a soothing voice to listen I've fallen asleep every time. FFS.
I go to bed to listen to sewing podcasts and fall asleep immediately. FFS.
I can tell you that to sew with linen you should cut on the bias and then you... do something else. FFS.
Millie is pretty much fully conversational now and she's such a joy to talk to. The only issue if that if she's not talking to you, she's talking to Pippa, her dolls, her cars, Pippa, the birds on the roof... It's very freakin noisy in my house. FFS.
She's cute (and she sleeps). I'll keep her.

Dear Baby G


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