Friday, August 2, 2013

FFS Fridazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry, did I nod off?

Not only do I think I am the most fashion-boring person in the world right now, I'm worried I'll fall asleep midsentence. FFS.
And to make myself stay awake, I just. keep. talking. FFS.
I've been spending so many nights sitting up holding Lady Pippa that I now enjoy watching TV at 4am. FFS.
I have a severe case of the Social Mummy Pretendies , that is, trying to sound like I'm not an overtired not-quite-sane Mummy. I'm convinced that half of my new Mother's Group hate me. FFS.
I'm sure they don't. Maybe? FFS.
I'm attempting to lessen my sugar intake. By lessen, I mean eat sugar like a normal person. Apparently punishing one's porridge with brown sugar isn't healthy. FFS.
That said, porridge with some pear and a sprinkle of brown sugar is very tasty. NO FFS.
Mr S and I have been watching Prof Brian Cox's Wonders of Life series. Mr S watches it, but Prof Cox has such a soothing voice to listen I've fallen asleep every time. FFS.
I go to bed to listen to sewing podcasts and fall asleep immediately. FFS.
I can tell you that to sew with linen you should cut on the bias and then you... do something else. FFS.
Millie is pretty much fully conversational now and she's such a joy to talk to. The only issue if that if she's not talking to you, she's talking to Pippa, her dolls, her cars, Pippa, the birds on the roof... It's very freakin noisy in my house. FFS.
She's cute (and she sleeps). I'll keep her.

Dear Baby G


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