Thursday, August 8, 2013


I saw this post by Stacey over at Veggie Mama and thought it looked like a spot of fun. It seems like a nicer explanation of my days than 'I washed nappies. I hung washing out. I put more washing in the dryer. I played cars. I had my hair done by a 2 year old. Pippa didn't sleep. Pippa slept. I didn't sleep.'

I mean, it's not that the above isn't an interesting explanation, but this seems like less of real life and more of fun life.

New quilting
Making : A new quilt for snuggling on the couch with.
Cooking : Banana cake, loaves of bread, yoghurt.
Drinking : Moccona instant coffee with a dash of cinnamon. Don't hate me coz I love instant.
Reading: Freakonomics by Steven Levin.
Wanting: Time. Always time.

So icy
Looking: Out the window at the icy mist.
Playing: Anything on, or the new Deborah Conway album, Stories of Ghosts.
Wasting: Half eaten toddler meals.
Sewing: A giant pile of paid mending. Turns out men are hard on their work shorts.
Wishing: I went to bed earlier than staying up with Mr S and watching The Cleveland Show.
Enjoying: Thinking about my next quilt.
Waiting: To finally finish my tax return.
Liking: The freezerload of bananas, just waiting to be turned into cake.
Wondering: Which load of washing to do first.
My littlest gorgeous girl.
Oh my heart.
Loving: Pippa's sounds, words and giant sized smile. And the giant full faced raspberries she's currently giving the ottoman.
Hoping: She decides to sleep soon.
Marvelling: At making two humans. Seriously? Smash some genes together and... humans. Weird.
Needing: To put the little bits and pieces of the lounge room away where they belong.
Smelling: Coffee.
Wearing: This isn't a good look today - giant sized trackies, explorer socks, a nice red shirt with a nice cardigan over the top. Half ready to leave the house.
Following: Through on projects is my downfall when I'm this tired and forgetful.
Noticing: The birds that seem to live in my roof are getting much bigger, ergo louder.
Knowing: Like Stacey, that this isn't forever. I will sleep again and my children will not throw tantrums.
Thinking: About how Pippa's escalated from giant smiles and raspberries to giant tantrums and yelling in the space of a paragraph.
Feeling: Tired. Happy and satisfied after sewing class last night, and spending time with Mr S drinking hot chocolates and watching Cleveland... but so very tired.
Bookmarking: Red Pepper Quilts and Ms Midge.
Opening: Post that tells me I need to send this letter to my health fun and an electricity bill that wasn't nearly as scary as I imagined.
Giggling: This is so freakin true.
Feeling: That my headache might not go away today. Aaargh!

Tell me what you're up to!


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