Thursday, October 3, 2013

Oh, oops.

You see, I keep meaning to write here. It's just that I don't have much to say, except for the things I don't really want to say.

Lady Pip vomits a lot. Like, A LOT. Mr S and I can now catch a vomit in a bucket without messing up the floor - one of us can fly out of bed not quite awake before she begins to gag properly. After a long few months of discussions with our Dr, reflux was diagnosed, reflux meds prescribed and I added in some anti reflux formula. It's been a shitty shitty winter of colds, flus and infections, one after the other. Coupled with many months of being out of bed 4-5 times per night it's a wonder any of the Smyths functioned at all.

Thankfully the formula at night seems to have helped her settle and the anti reflux meds are working. It's absolutely heartbreaking to see your tiny beloved refuse to eat, cry when she swallows and make the most gut wrenching sounds when vomiting, and to try and wipe her own face with a towel afterwards. Millie hears Pip start to gag and runs for towels. What a life eh?

I hate not being able to fix it. I've got a sense of self importance as a mother that makes me want to have all the answers, fix all the problems and make it all better for my children. For goodness sakes, why isn't that possible?

I am blessed with a special group of ladies that make up my Mother's Group. I sew at night with one, take long walks with a pram with another, another one brings Pip frozen cubed meals when she won't eat anything I try. They are amazing women.

So, what have you been up to this winter? I've been making a quilt, walking with my new pram, finally getting some sleep and catching vomits in a bucket like MacGuyMum.

I know. You wish you were me.


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