Friday, February 14, 2014

FFS Friday - Moving and Not Moving It

  • In the beginning of January, Sewing Mummy BFF and I began walking 5.5km stretches with our prams, as part of the Operation Move #walk400 challenge. We killed it. Then we began to run between the telephone poles on our return leg, and one day I sent a message to Loozie (as she is aptly and gorgeously named by M) 'Hey, there's a fun run in March. What do you think?'
    Now, text explanations are not my strong point. What I meant was 'Hey, there's a fun run in March. They also have an 4km walking leg. What do you think?'
    She replied 'AWESOME. Let's do C25K.'
    Me: '*crickets*'
  • But, with her holding my proverbial hand, I laced up my runners and we began in earnest. NO FFS.
  • I really really really love yogging. I think it's pronounced 'jogging'... where you just run for extended periods of time. NO FFS.
  • My knee pinged one day. FFS.
  • It got better. NO FFS.
  • After a run one day last week my knee pinged again in the supermarket. I almost vomited. FFS.
  • It got better, so we went running again. I ibuprofen'd, heat pack'd and rested as much as one can with two moving toddlers. NO FFS.
  • It got far worse whilst Mr S was away hiking, but I ignored it. FFS.
  • Eventually I had to stop the other day because my ankle was starting to swell. FFS.
  • I went to the chiro physio who make lots of 'hmm' noises and when he asked me 'What on earth did you do to your ankle?' my reply was 'ankle? Say what?'. I have rolled my ankle without knowing (!) and it keeps puffing up. Gross. I also have problems with my IT band in my leg and the rubber band snapping on my other knee is the same problem, just on the other leg. FFS.
  • I've been in a rotten mood this week due to said pain and I'm epically frustrated that I have finally found a sport I love, and I'm unable to participate. FFS.
  • Chiro has suggested (insisted?) that I invest in some new runners. NO FFS.
  • How does one go and get fitted for shoes with two moving wrigglers who love to shop? FFS.
  • The positive from this journey is I've realised how much I love to get out and see my surroundings.

  • I didn't grow up in an athletic household by example. As a kid I played softball, soccer, netball and I used to love cross country running. When I was older and school no longer pushed such programs on us, my activity levels slid. I'm determined that my kids will grow up knowing that we get up in the morning and we stretch, and then we start moving. It doesn't need to be hard core running, but we garden, or play on the grass, go to the park (not my favourite activity by a long shot!) or we get in the pram and go for a walk. NO FFS.
  • I've become obsessed with reading books about running and moving. This fortnight I've read 'Born To Run', Racing Dawn, Run! and I've just started reading samples of 'What I talk about when I talk about running' and 'Eat and Run'. I am in love with my Kindle, still. NO FFS.
  • Talking about inspiration books about moving, what in blazes is the deal with running books geared towards women with titles like 'Running Sucks' & 'Run Yourself Skinny'? I also bought, began reading and put down again a book called 'Onward! The Absolute, No B.S., Raw, Ridiculous Soul-Stirring Truth About Training For Your First Marathon', because it was full of starred out swear words and well, it wasn't that funny. FFS.
  • This is my 'Rocky' theme music for moving:
  • After dinner I often bust out some Katy Perry for us to groove to. M loves 'Roar', and I'm secretly stoked that she can sing some of the words and does champion arm movements in the chorus. She also roars like a dinosaur but I'll take what I can get. I think the video is totally mismatched to the song content, but for your enjoyment..

Also high in my FFS stakes this week are the ongoing saga with Rheem about our heat pump hot water system (TOP TIP: 'Install a Rheem'(tm). No. Don't.) There's plenty more to say about that in time.
For now, I leave you with Beyonce music in your head. Also, go and check out Aprilaah. She's a mate from my hometown who started blogging and FFS-ing. My favourite headline of the week from her? 'STOP PRETENDING IT'S BORING TO BE ALIVE'. 

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