Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lately. A self indulgent update.

Making : Pieced and quilted everything. Usually cushions. I've been honing my free motion quilting skills.
Cooking : muffins, quiches, lentil soups and naughty Steggles chicken dinosaurs.
Drinking : water, decaf tea like a rock star, Rekorderlig.
Reading: books about running.
Wanting: more time to properly formulate a plan of how best to spend my days. AKA procrastination.
Looking: at my girls and wondering how on earth my body made them.
Playing: London Grammar, Katy Perry, St. Lucia, Justine Clarke.
Wasting: food. Lots of toddler food. Sigh. Thankfully we've got piggies across the road to help keep fed.
Sewing: Quilted pillows for presents, and looking at the darning on Mr S' jeans that needs to be finished.
Wishing: that Mr S and I had more time together where we weren't bone tiredly exhausted.
Enjoying: Running, thinking about running and piecing quilt blocks in my head.
Waiting: For my injuries to heal. 
Liking: the length of my hair right now.
Wondering: if it's worth going back to work?
Loving: Sharing secret grins with Lady Pippa.
Hoping: That this nasty business with Rheem gets sorted out without much more undue stress.
Marvelling: At how quickly Mr S can clean a house, and how unclean the house is when I think I've cleaned it.
Needing: To turn the computer off.
Smelling: Damp misty air.
Wearing: A bandage on my ankle.
Following: My girls around to make sure they don't eat anything they shouldn't (Pip), draw on things they shouldn't (Pip) or overflow the bathroom sink (Millie, washing dinosaurs).
Noticing: That my desk is messy.
Knowing: That everything is OK.
Thinking: That I am hungry.
Feeling: Tired. Endlessly tired.
Bookmarking: Projects to sew, posters to admire and food to cook.
Opening: My kindle at any opportunity to sneak a few more pages in.
Giggling: At Pippa learning to play 'Dragons', where we pretend to be asleep and she roars at us with her arms straight up in the air.
Feeling: Content but hungry. Always hungry!

Want to play along? I stole this one from Foxs Lane. Such beautiful pictures and stories.


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