Thursday, March 27, 2014

Again, the point form update.

Source: Facebook. I'd love to know where it's originally from, can you help?
Is this perhaps the post where you're not entirely sure that you've got much to say... but here's a template so let's give it a crack?

Making : Five pairs of trousers for DMM, who has shot up 2cm in the past four weeks.
Cooking : Jelly, Peppa Pig birthday cake, caramel slice.

The two semesters of cake decorating classes I took
were freakin' invaluable in a case like this.

Drinking : water, decaf tea, real tea, coffee.
Reading: I've just finished Rich Rolls' Finding Ultra and I love his passion for life and exercise challenges. He lost me at the end with his advice to mix up a green smoothie in the morning and sip at it over the course of the day so as to not eat food that will not best serve your athletic goals. Or eat a baked potato instead. I like real food.
Wanting: the girls to stop talking to each other and go to sleep. They've been sharing a room for four days and it's gone relatively smoothly... relatively.
Looking: outside at the misty hills and the rain.
Playing: Spotify. How did I completely miss out on Spotify until now? HOW?
Wasting: Time. Still toddler food.
Sewing: Trousers for DMM, a birthday dress for DMM, and three t-shirts for myself. I've just bought a stretch twin needle so I imagine that will make it easier.
Wishing: that my non-training days had as much energy as my training days.
Enjoying: watching documentaries about ultrarunning and trail running.
Waiting: for the girls to go to sleep...
Liking: the look of the couch right now...
Wondering: decaf tea or should I chance a Big Girl tea due to sewing night tonight?
Loving: Mr S' eyes. I never tire of looking into them.
That my tomatoes ripen.
A tiny amount of the tomatoes from my garden. I've got 23 plants out there, people.

Marvelling: At myself - at the beginning of the year I couldn't run 50 metres without huffing and puffing, and now Louise & I run 5km in a hit.
Louise and I all loved up after our first fun run.
Needing: Sleeeeeep.
Smelling: Wood fire burning and my new laundry liquid.
Wearing: My wedding rings, which are too big now.
Following: The new awesome FB running group.
Noticing: My posture.
Knowing: That chocolate does not cure all, but I still like to give it a red hot crack.
Thinking: Teeeaaaaaa.
Feeling: Grateful for marvellous neighbours.
Bookmarking: Clothing patterns.
Opening: my mind to setting long term exercise goals. A first for me!
Giggling: at Millie climbing on my lap to whisper 'secrets' into my ears... which are simply silent movements of her mouth and then right at the end she whispers 'I really love you. I love you. I love you Mummy.'
Feeling: Happy, exhausted and content.

Want to play along? I stole this one from Foxs Lane. Such beautiful pictures and stories.


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