Friday, January 30, 2015

Between 8.30am and 8.55am...

This happened.

After a 5.30am start thanks to Lady Pip we were in pretty good shape to get out of the door on time for a 9am start. Sure, no end to the endless hysteria that is two children:


'No. Eat your own. It's the same.'
'I... WANT.... YOUR.... BREAKFAST....MUM!'

However, bags were packed, children had brushed teeth, I put my socks on and wiped the bench. Suddenly I realised I was STILL humming a melody and random words. A song?! A SONG?! For the first time in four (yep, four, count 'em!) years?! Quick! Get thee to the piano!

I sketched out the basic structure to the song with two toddlers thumping the keys around me, which evolved to M asking if I'd like to have bass guitar in my new song? Yes, yes I would.

I realise what the time is, make a dash to include the packed lunches in the girls' bag, pull the fridge door open... too quickly. An unopened 2L bottle of milk jumps out, misses my outstretched hands and face plants on the floor. Exploding in all directions.

Choice words said, I mopped up with several towels whilst managing to tread on a wet milky towel with my socks.

I turned to the sink where I'd put the offending bottle, screwed the cap tightly and turned the tap on. The tap missed it's mark, landing instead on the bottle lid and creating a fountain of icy cold water all over the front of my running tights.

In the bathroom I blow dry most of the water off my pants and realise it's a great thing I wear a cap when running because my hair is... interesting.

Pip has taken off her shoes after refusing to wear anything but the gold party shoes. She won't reveal where the shoes are so I grab her some socks ('Mil, can you grab Pip some socks please?' 'No thanks, Mum.') and we are almost ready to leave the house.

I carry Pip out the front door whilst Millie bounds down to the fort on her way to the car. Pip is heavy so I set her down to run to the car with Millie whilst I wrangle my handbag, the beautiful Barbie backpack and my Garmin watch, complete with charger still attached.

Halfway to the car I realise Pip still isn't wearing any shoes and running around in the mud. I scoop her up and she immediately wipes her socks all over my running tights.

After a considerable discussion in the car we listen to 'Shake It Off' on the way to daycare (NO MORE 'LET IT GO' IN THE CAR PLEASE?!). My two children who have not let me out of their sight for two weeks (day or night) suddenly run off to the toy kitchen and refuse to hug me goodbye.

Frantic over? Time for coffee and a walk with BRFAABF...

I order a takeaway coffee for Mr S with my order, meaning for it to arrive before our have in coffees. They all arrive at the same time so I race his coffee down the road to him. Who brings two have here coffees and a takeaway coffee at the same time without figuring it out? Truly.

Thankfully my coffee is still hot and L has not inhaled my scones as well as her own.

Because really? She could keep the scones, I needed that coffee and I was not afraid to push over a pregnant lady for it.

Mostly. If I pushed L, I think she'd just push me back. And that's why I love her.

Do you have mental mornings like this? Please humour me and tell me that yes, yes you do.


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