The Cast

Throughout this blog you'll find references to all the people and things in my world. Here's a quick breakdown for you.

  • Mr S: My dearest husband and best friend.
  • M, Divine Miss M: Our daughter Millie.
  • Lucy: Long suffering furchild.
  • Handsome James: Our noble steed aka our Subaru Outback. He's a Limited Edition with faux walnut interior, but he's an ageing car. Handsome James is undoubtably handsome and adjusts his cravat whilst speaking in an English accent, but he's really like your aristocratic English uncle who's a bit dirty...
  • Laydeepants: My best friend Melanie. All around fabulous lady and exceptional bag-maker.
  • Salad: My beautiful sister Sally, whose first bub is due in March.
  • Kenny: My brother Ben, a highly readable writer and great cook. Newly engaged to Stacey and doting Uncy Ben to Millie.
  • GrandMarg: My mother Margaret, who refused to be a Grandma. We agree that GrandMarg is a most appropriate title.


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